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Glasslight Advanced Glassblowing Class 5-Oct-02

The following 27 movies taken at Glasslight 5-Oct-02

Adding Spiral Wrap
Colling Spiral Piece With Paper
Cristine Paddle Bottom of Piece
Cristine and Pat -- Transfer Piece
Cristine, Joel, Pat -- Paddle Lip of Piece
Cristine Spinout a Plate
Cristine using Gloryhole
Janie, Joe - Benchblow
Joe - First Gather
Joe Flash Piece Before Putting Away
Joe using Gloryhole
Joe making Jack line
Joe, Janie - using Paper Marver
Joe, Janie - Put Piece Away
Joel Blowing on Bench Arm
Joel - Paper Marvering
Joel, Pat - Gloryhole
Joel, Pat - Block Piece
Joel - Spin Piece
Joe - Trim Lip of Piece with Scissors
Paper Marvering Cone
Pat - Cooling Piece with Paper
Pat - Flash Piece
Pat, Joel - Add Patty Foot to a Piece
Pat, Joel - Bench Blow
Tony - Use Paper to Shape Third Gather
Tony - Roll Piece With Frit at Bench

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