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BCCC Glass Arts Society Artist Demonstration Fall 2003

Here are the remaining 227 photos and 8 videos

Andrew Newbold, Chadd Lacy, Eoin Breadon, Karl Carter, Jesse Daniels
(Eoin Breadon and Andrew Newbold are Graduate students at Tyler School of Art - Temple University)
(Chadd Lacy and Jesse Daniels Undergraduate students at Tyler School of Art - Temple University)


Below are 8 Videos in QuickTime MOV format:

Video -- Color Overlay on Clear Bubble
Video -- Smoking Paper to Shape Glass at the Bench
Video -- Incalmo - Joining two bubbles (different colors) together
Video -- Incalmo - Joining third bubble to other two
Video -- Marvering color overlay onto the bubble
Video -- Using paddle and paper to shape a piece at the bench
Video -- Adding glass
Video -- Adding a bit of glass to the top of the glass "Flying Saucer"

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