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Glasslight Advanced Class 10-Nov-2002

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Bob Pickup Frit

Janie Blow Sphere using Wood Block

Janie Paddle Lip

Joe Dropped Foot1

Joe Dropped Foot2

Joe Janie Clear Overlay

Joe Janie Paper Marver

Joe Marver

Joe Marver Overlay

Joe Paper Marver

Joel Heat Cane before Tony Pickup

Joel Heat Pat Piece With Torch

Joel Marver1

Joel Marver2

Joel Paper Marver


Mike Spiral Bit on Pat's Piece

Mike Trim with Shears

Pat using Jacksi on Top of Piece

Tony using Block to cool Gather

Tony Check Diameter of Bubble with Pi Dividers

Tony Marver Bubble With Cane

Tony Marver Cane Bubble


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