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Marble King, Inc.

First Avenue P.O. Box 195
Paden City, WV 26159
Phone: 304-337-2264

Berry Pink and Sellers Peltier founded Marble King in 1949.
Today, Marble King produces more than one million toy, game, decorative, collectible, and industrial marbles every day, 365 days per year!
Marble King has been a contributing sponsor and supporter of The National Marble Tournament since 1968.
A college scholarship is awarded each year at the tournament, compliments of Marble King.
Today, Marble King is one of only a few remaining American marble manufacturers.
In fact, Marble King was featured on John Ratzenberger's "Made in America" TV Show on the Travel Channel!

Here is an example for the use of beautiful marbles for landscaping!

Marbles can also be used in many beautiful floral arrangements:

Beri Fox - Marble King 1:20 Video
Largest Glass Recycler in the state of West Virginia
(41.4 Megabytes)

Marble King has a wonderful Gift Shop with many unique toys for children of all ages!

Marble King Gift Shop 1:11 Video
Musical Marble Tree Toy -- MUST SEE!!!
(37.8 Megabytes)

Marble King 0:23 Video
Marble Races!
(12.2 Megabytes)

Marble King 0:29 Video
Marble Seesaw Perpetual Motion Toy
(15.4 Megabytes)

Marble King 0:40 Video
Marble Tic-Tac-Toe Travel Toy
(21.0 Megabytes)

These are plastic magnetic marbles which can be attached to office ceilings, or just connected together:
(they REALLY brighten up an otherwise boring office ceiling!)

Marble King even manufacturers marbles that glow under an ultraviolet (black) light!

Marble King 0:58 Video
Continuous Melt Furnace Producing One Million Marbles per Day
(31.0 Megabytes)
Marble King 0:13 Video
Marbles cooling off on long spiral screws
(6.9 Megabytes)
Marble King 0:14 Video
Another view of Marbles cooling off on long spiral screws
(8.0 Megabytes)

Marble King 0:07 Video
Jewels (flat marbles) cooling off on Steel Circle
(3.7 Megabytes)

Marble King 0:22 Video
Industrial Use of Marble as Agitator inside Spray Paint Can
(11.7 Megabytes)

Marble King 0:19 Video
West Virginia Governor Mansion visited Marble King
as part of "Fifteen Things that Make West Virginia Special"
(10.2 Megabytes)


Although Marble King now recycles glass into its marbles,
the original silos containing the three main components of glass "batch" raw materials still exist.
Most glass today is 70% sand (silica), 15% soda (sodium oxide), and 9% lime (calcium oxide).
The remaining 6% varies based on the glass color desired.

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