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Tony Patti 2007 Glass Art

(You can Click on any of the images below to see a full-size photograph)

Translucent Red Footed Bowl with Lines from Optic Mold
Weight: 3.2 Pounds Height: 6 inches Width: 9.5 inches

Large Footed Bowl with Wild Blue Optic Lines
Weight: 5.9 Pounds Height: 9.5 inches Width: 15.5 inches

(Fenton Gabbert Hunter Green with Optic Foot and Opaque Yellow Lipwrap)
Weight: 3 pounds Height: 7.5 inches Width: 6.5 inches

Amber and Brown Double Optic Mold Piece
Weight: 3.05 pounds Height: 4.5 inches Width: 6.25 inches

Translucent Spectrum 96 Green with Yellow Lines (pre-bent and fused) and Blue Dots
Weight: 3.5 pounds Height: 7 inches Width: 7.75 inches

Pineapple Mold (Bubble) Purple powder Footed Bubble Bowl
Weight: 7.6 Pounds Height: 6 inches Width: 13.5 inches

Translucent Amber with (color-reactive) Iris Gold Optic Mold lines
Weight: 3.25 pounds Height: 6.75 inches Width: 5.5 inches

Reddish Pineapple Mold (Bubble) Piece with Large (cast) Pink Foot
Weight: 2.8 pounds Height: 6.25 inches Width: 6 inches

Fenton (Gabbert) Translucent White, Blue, & Black Cullet with clear optic foot
Weight: 3.5 Pounds Height: 9 inches Width: 7.5 inches

Bowl with Blue and Green Stripes and Grayish Outside
Weight: 3.3 Pounds Height: 7.5 inches Width: 10.25 inches

Footed Bowl - Translucent Blue with Subtle Blue Spirals
Weight: 4.7 Pounds Height: 5.25 inches Width: 14.5 inches

Large Brown Bowl with Pineapple Optic Mold Lines and Bubbles
Weight: 8.4 Pounds Height: 5.75 inches Width: 14.5 inches

Flattened Vase with Red and White Cane
Weight: 3.7 Pounds Height: 8.25 inches Width: 5.75 inches Depth: 3.5 inches

Pink, Yellow, & Blue (on the inside) Optic Mold Piece with Clear Optic Foot
Weight: 2.8 pounds Height: 8 inches Width: 7.5 inches (at top) 2.75 inches (foot)

Blue, White, & Yellow Cane Work
Weight: 4.6 Pounds Height: 15.25 inches Width: 5 inches

Translucent Blue with Opaque Black Spiderweb veining
Weight: 1.0 Pounds Height: 4.75 inches Width: 5.75 inches

Three-Section Green and Glass Piece
Weight: 1.8 Pounds Height: 4 inches Width: 5.5 inches

Reall Tall Translucent Red (Fenton/Gabbert Ruby Red) Piece with Clear Optic Foot
Weight: 3.1 pounds Height: 15.25 inches Width: 5 inches

Purple Pineapple Mold (Bubble) Piece with (cast) Translucent Blue Foot
Weight: 2.85 pounds Height: 7 inches Width: 5 inches

Tall Cylinder Vase - Tan/Brown Optic Lines
Weight: 4.6 pounds Height: 10 inches Width: 4.5 inches

Translucent Red Piece (Fenton/Gabbert Ruby Red) with Clear Foot and Lip (Top) pushed in with Steamstick
Weight: 3.4 Pounds Height: 10.00 inches Width: 5.25 inches

Cone-Shaped Double-Optice Piece with Tan and Pink
Weight: 6.5 pounds Height: 7.25 inches Width: 7 inches

Lighted Glass Flower Sculpture

Room Lights Off

Room Lights On

Individual Flowers

Watch a movie of the lights changing! (20.5 Megabytes)

More Information about these Glass Flowers created from a Molla Tool Corp Flower Iron can be found here

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