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(Tony Patti at Louisville Glassworks)

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Tony Patti - Glassblowing

Glassblowing is an art that requires plenty of "bench time".
I guess it is no different than for example learning to pilot an airplane,
where they measure cummulative "flight hours" -- the time you've spent in the pilot's seat actually flying.
And so it is with glassblowing, as you accumulate more hours, you learn and master new techniques.
The purpose of these web pages is to chronicle that journey, and in some ways these pictures form part of my Journal.

Tony Patti Glass Art being given as Unite Way Award
Karen Dawkins, retiring chair of the United Way Board of Directors,
accepts the Paul Sauerbry Award from William Schofield, left,
President and CEO of the United Way of Bucks County,
and Harold Oswald, past board chairman and retired president of First Federal bank.
The award she is holding is 2004 Glass Art made by Tony Patti.



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