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WheatonArts Make Your Own (MYO) Paperweight and Vessel Experiences

Eight years ago I had the opportunity to experience WheatonArts' Make Your Own Paperweight, and it changed my life!

What is particularly interesting is that I had no particular interest in visiting Wheaton Village (as it was then known), but my wife wanted to stop by, so we did -- but once I saw a few demos, you could not drag me away!

I was like a moth drawn to a flame, where the creativity was limited only by a person's imagination...

For me, this Make-Your-Own experience led to seven and a half years of glassblowing courses, and now, strictly as a hobby, this website, which has grown to become the largest glassblowing website in the world!

So, yes, a single hands-on experience like this might just change your life...

I had the opportunity to visit WheatonArts mid-March 2008 and the folks below were kind enough to allow me to photograph their introduction to glassblowing through WheatonArts Make Your Own program, which has since been expanded to not just paperweights but a slightly more intensive vessel (vase or plate) experience as well.

-- Tony Patti,

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WheatonArts - Alice May - Make Your Own Vase
WheatonArts - Andrew M - Make Your Own (MYO) Paperweight
WheatonArts - Jay Carey - Make Your Own Paperweight
WheatonArts - Make Your Own Vessel
WheatonArts - Make Your Own Gold Ruby Bowl
WheatonArts - Sue Carey - Make Your Own Paperweight

Other WheatonArts Glassblowing Demonstrations on March 15 and 16, 2008

WheatonArts - Don Friel - Vase
WheatonArts - Ron Gavigan - 8-Pointed Optic Mold Vase

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