Ten Years is a Long Time! (origins of www.glassblower.info)

When I was looking at the home page of www.glassblower.info, I noticed the date range of the visitor counter, a print-screen is shown here:

www.glassblower.info visitor counters

What caught my eye was the 2002 date — now that we’re into the new year of 2012, that’s ten years ago!

So, I went back looking through some old paperwork I had saved about the original setup of www.glassblower.info and wanted to share some fun facts:

  • The Apache (web server software) log files indeed started on April 11, 2002 (as shown in the counter above)
  • During the first few months, as the first dozen web pages were setup, the average number of visitors per day was in the single digits.
  • Those first few months were spent on a static public IP address, but without a domain name (none had been chosen yet).
  • The domain name glassblower.info was first registered the late evening (9:17 P.M. Eastern) of July 9, 2002 using an inexpensive registrar named “$10 domains” which does not even exist any more. Yeah, I’ve always been a “night owl”.
  • At that time, I believe Network Solutions was charging $35 per year for domain name registrations, so by comparison, the $18 I paid for the first two years ($9 per year) of domain name registration, using $10 Domains, was comparatively quite a bargain.
  • Due to the evening registration, whois records show the official registration at 01:17:57 UTC on July 10, 2002 (the next calendar date).
  • Want to know something really interesting about that date? If you look at my recent blog about how I got started in glassblowing, you’ll see my first hands-on glassblowing experience was at Wheaton Village (now WheatonArts) on July 10, 2000 — EXACTLY TWO YEARS TO THE DAY before the registration of this domain name!
  • If you are not familiar with the “Internet Archive Wayback Machine“, please take the time to visit it at http://www.archive.org.
  • The Wayback Machine stores contemporaneous copies of websites at various points in time. As of today (January 7, 2012), the Wayback Machines stores 167 captures (copies) of www.glassblower.info!
  • It’s been fun to use the Wayback Machine to see what various websites looked like in the past — as you would expect: typically much smaller, with dated (or no) menu structures, no Flash animation, etc.
  • The first Wayback Machine copy of www.glassblower.info was recorded on August 11, 2002 — just one month after the domain name was registered!
  • That August 11, 2002 version of www.glassblower.info had a total of only 12 hyperlinks! (12 web pages linked to the home page), below is a copy of the top of the web page:

Print-Screen of top of web page of Internet Archive Wayback Machine for www.glassblower.info as of August 11 2002

  • I looked a lot younger back then!
  • I wanted to mention the four generation of hardware used over the last ten years to power www.glassblower.info:
    • The first (2002) hosting platform was a Cobalt RaQ 4r (“R” for RAID1 disk drives). It had a single AMD K6 450 MHz processor, but was plenty powerful to run multiple website, host DNS, and also emails, for one or several small companies. Sun acquired Cobalt in December 2000, but because of the bursting of the “Internet Bubble”, Sun retired the Cobalt products December 2003.
    • Next was an inexpensive spare HP Pavilion desktop PC running Linux (CentOS). This was single processor and non-RAID, and was plenty fast enough to run www.glassblower.info.
    • The next big jump, circa mid-2006 was to a Dell PowerEdge 6400 which had quad Intel P3 Xeon processors running at 700 MHz and with six disk drives (three RAID1 pairs of 18GB, 36GB, and 73GB SCSI). Mid-2006 is also when I took my PHP and MySQL class, and added those technologies, which is especially visible in the Glassblower.info Geographical Super-Search.
    • The current website (starting from 2009) runs on a Dell PowerEdge 2650 which has dual Intel 3.06 GHz processors, RAID10 with 292 GB usable GB (584 GB native) with a hot spare drive (in case of drive failure).
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