geographical super-search of glass art now covers all 50 US States and 20 Countries

During the summer of 2006 (difficult to believe that it’s been six years already!) I took a PHP and MySQL class, and during that class I created the structure and initial programming of the super-search database at which I visualized as a Glassblowing School/Class/Studio/Artist Geographical Search tool with 32 search criteria.

Today that database has grown to over 400 entities, in all 50 US states (plus PR and DC) and 20 countries!

Planning a trip? Take a look to see who is in the area you will be visiting…

One of my goals was not only to provide a deep database with contact information, textual information, and images, but also to integrate with the Google Maps API (to make driving to visit that much easier).

Recently I used another tool, the Google Chart Tools to create a dashboard to visually show a summary of the super-search database.

Below are the four contemporaneous dashboard charts as of July 15, 2012: - Super-Search Database - Dashboard - July 15 2012 - Total of 402 records in 20 Countries - Super-Search Database - Dashboard - July 15 2012 - 50 US States plus PR and DC - Super-Search Database - Dashboard - July 15 2012 - Cities with three or more records - Super-Search Database - Dashboard - July 15 2012 - 11 Categories

If you know of any other schools, studios, artists, galleries, etc. who would benefit from being added to the super-search database, please visit the Add-My-Studio web page here.

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