BidNip eBay sniping service saved me over $16,680

BidNip eBay sniping service saved me over $16,680  
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BidNip is an eBay sniping service I have been recommending for over five years.

And you can try BidNip for free.

I now have more than 16,000 reasons to recommend BidNip to you!

At first I was skeptical that BidNip had really saved me that much money, but they explain how they calculate the savings, and their algorithm makes perfect sense:

How do we determine the “$ SAVED BY YOU TO DATE” number?
Your max bid on an item = A
The amount you end up paying = B
Your savings (for one item) = C
(A) – (B) = C
C + C + C + C +… = Total Savings on ALL items.

I have successfully completed more than 1,000 snipes with BidNip since early 2006.

I believe there are other eBay sniping services, but BidNip only charges a small fee, on the order of 40 cents per auction, and only when you win.

(the cost of snipes varies based on the amount you purchase, the more you buy, the less you pay per snipe)

You really have nothing to lose (with the free trial), and you, like me, may end up with many thousands of reasons to like BidNip!

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