FreeCell Card Game

My son introduced us to FreeCell many years ago. FreeCell is a solitaire-like card game, which has four “free cells” (hence its name) at the top of the screen.

There is a Wikipedia page devoted to FreeCell (in general), and a specific Wikipedia web page devoted to FreeCell in Windows.

FreeCell was introduced in Windows 95 (which was released in August 1995). The Windows Vista and Windows 7 implementations could provide hints as well as move retractions. Unfortunately FreeCell is not included in Windows 8. Very fun to play, using the mouse to move the cards on the screen.

But what has become more interesting to me than the Windows version, is the touch-screen version available for Android.  I played a LOT on my old Samsung Galaxy S (specifically Sprint’s version with the slide-out keyboard named the Epic 4G), and now on my new Samsung Galaxy S4.

I like playing the Brainium version of FreeCell, self-described as the #1 FreeCell game on Android. As I write this, Brainium FreeCell has been downloaded/installed upwards of one million times! It has received an average user rating of 4.6 (out of 5.0). Brainium is also on Facebook.

I got my new Samsung Galaxy S4 at the end of May, during the last five months I’ve played and won 238 games, so I average close to two games per day. What I find nice is that if I have a few spare minutes, like waiting in line for a haircut, I can play a quick game of FreeCell. Playing FreeCell involves thinking about card strategy, and I believe there is ample evidence that staying mentally active is good for the brain.

When I got to 100,000 points, I thought it was worth taking this print-screen from my Android cell phone, and writing this blog. - FreeCell print-screen from Android

Well, roughly two months later (from October 18 to December 27) I’ve doubled my points to more than 200,000 and games won to 466, roughly three per day, so much fun! - FreeCell print-screen from Android 12/27/2013

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