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eBay as a Glassblowing Resource

Many unique glassblowing items can ONLY be found on eBay, and generally at a good price.

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I have used to snipe many eBay auctions for glassblowing items. places bids in the last 8 - 10 seconds before an auction ends,
increasing your chances of winning at the lowest possible price.

It's the only way I bid now, I basically decide the most I'm willing to pay,
a couple days in advance, and then walk away from the auction...
If i win, that's great, if somebody else is willing to pay more than me, that's ok too...
with eBay's automatic (proxy) bidding system, and bidnip going in during the last few seconds,
you pay only one eBay bid increment more than the person before you.

If you want to try for free(and give me a few free referral snipes) click the graphic below:
or you can use the address

Glassblower.Info - BidNip

eBay's official policy allows sniping.

And, how do I know days in advance what I want to bid on?
I save my favorite searches, and eBay automatically emails me DAILY when it find interesting items meeting my saved search criteria

eBay Search Tip: When you are searching, use the asterisk "*" as a wild card at the end of words.
For example, use "glassblo*" instead of "glassblowing" because with the wild-card you also get glassblower, glassblown, etc.

Glassblower.Info - BidNip
Snipe eBay Auctions with Bidnip


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