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Warm Glass + Hot Glass = Unique Glass

Glassblowing Studio Safety Rules

Commissioned Original Glassblowing Watercolor Paintings by Artist Marian O'Shaughnessy

Steve Roberts Original Glassblowing Artwork

Glassblowing Stamps!

Glassblowing Poem!

Not Glassblowing - but Maybe Still Interesting

I want to be a Cowboy!

Backyard Birds

751 First Day Cover (FDC) - Yosemite Souvenir Sheet of 6 Stamps - Trans-Mississippi Philatelic Exposition - Postmark Omaha Nebraska 10/14/1934

Jhane Barnes Sweaters and Shirts -- including woven with fractal designs!

Paula Patti Rughooking

Paducah Kentucy 2013 Quilt Week

American Folk Art Museum Quilt Show - Newtown Quilt Guild Trip - Photos by Paula Patti

Paula's visit to the New York City (NYC) Garment District Fashion Walk of Fame
including The Garment Worker Statue and the Button and 31-foot-tall Sewing Needle Sculptures

Wharton's DECsystem-10 mainframe circa 1979

Cakes by Marjory Stone

I have been fascinated by the genius of Leonhard Euler, especially Euler's Spiral.
Here is an American Math Monthly article from 1918 about Euler's Spiral.

Euler's Spiral image from Wikipedia
3D Harmonographs - 3D Harmonographs

I wrote five volumes of Cryptosystems Journal over a ten-year period.
It was quite an effort, and very time-consuming.
Here I have stored the very old (1997 -- over ten years ago!) Cryptosystems Journal web pages, for historical and archival purposes only.
Cryptosystems Journal is no longer published, and only a few unsold copies remain.

314th Infantry Regiment A.E.F. - Log Cabin Memorial

Volkswagen Eurovan

2003 Volkswagen Eurovan "Road Trip" (the hitchhiker) TV commercial (1.9 MegaBytes)

US Eurovan Production (and theft rates)

Poetry of Michael Pickett

Hot Air Balloon Landing in Bucks County Pennsylvania Culdesac

Some Technology Items

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