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Google is starting to collect a cache of amazing videos - check out when you have some spare time!
Thumbnail External Glassblowing Video Format - "Pouring the Second Glass Table" This is the second pour at the new casting facility at the Do U Glass Hot Shop in Murphysboro, IL. The purpose of the pour was a triangular glass table. Cameron Smith and crew, Jan Thomas and Frank Smith, poured this table in two pours.
Karl Carter - Bucks County Community College (BCCC)
One gather one reheat exercise is perfect at the beginning of every semester!
Karl Carter - Pulling Stems - First Beginner Project SWF
Click to watch video Olympic is my favorite all-around supplies of glass color and glassblowing supplies.

Olympic Color Rods presents a new 5 minute tutorial film for glassblowers.
Watch it now using the RealPlayer plug-in (version G2 or later).

Creating a Spiderweb Effect

Glassblower Peet Sasaki shows us how to easily create a crackled 'spiderweb' effect
using R-61 white and R-95 black powders.

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Glassblower.Info - Glassblowing Demonstration The Internet Archive - glassblowing demonstration
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Glassblowing demonstration at Maho Bay
Mike Carvalho
6 min 21 sec - Feb 15, 2006
Glass Artisan working in MURANO VENICE VENEZIA Art Google
Alex Petrakis glassblowing
15 sec - Feb 19, 2006
Alex Petrakis glassblowing glass bowl
doghouse films
4 min 4 sec - Feb 19, 2006
Alex Petrakis glassblowing Reverse Axis
dog house films
5 min 12 sec - Feb 22, 2006
39 sec - Feb 25, 2006
Europe Trip 2005 - Venice - Glass factory @ Murano
29 sec - Nov 14, 2005
Glassblower.Info - Blenko Glass - Batching Blenko Glassblower.Info - Blenko Glass - Batching Blenko Glassblower.Info - Blenko Glass - Batching Blenko Batching Blenko - From Start to Finish
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