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Flint Glass Books

1885503059 Findlay Toothpick Holders: Bellaire Goblet Co.,
Columbia Glass Co., Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton Glass Co.,
Findlay Flint Glass Co., Model Flint Glass

Author: Neila M. Bredehoft;
0852637829 Pressed Flint Glass
Author: Raymond Notley; Buy New: $8.50
B0007AWNQW Iowa City glass
Author: Miriam Righter;
1570800324 Albany Glass
Author: Ron Teal, Ron, Sr. Teal, Tarez Samra...; Buy New: $34.95
B0008CGSN8 The manufacture of flint glass and the allied trades o...
Author: R. S Smirke;
B00072JGVU History and archives of the American Flint Glass Worke...
Author: George M Parker;
B00072L45Q More than a century of dedication to workers of the glass industry:
Brief history of the American Flint Glass Workers Union AFL-CIO 1878-1978

Author: George M Parker;
B00073BRAC 1982 price guide to the book Iowa City glass
Author: J. W Carberry;
B00072UJ0C 100th anniversary, American Flint Glass Workers' Union...
Author: George M Parker;
B000B78EE6 English, Scottish & Irish Table Glass
Author: Bramhill House;
B00089DGJA Europe's flint glass industry
Author: Thomas W McCreary;
B0008B5ISK White flint glass
Author: T. H Bakewell;
B0007EFJZA A story of glass
Author: Harry H Cook;
0719009316 The Labour Aristocracy Revisited
Author: Takao Matsumura;
0304937762 Bridge in the looking-glass
Author: Jeremy Flint;
1885503040 Findlay Flint Glass Co., 1889-1891
Author: Cherry Hill Publications;
B0008BVQS6 Treatise on the art of glass making
Author: William T Gillinder;
B0006QQ5MA Brooklyn's finest glass: The Brooklyn Flint Glass Works
Author: Lisa Bedell;
B00086FGUA A history of English and Irish glass,
Author: William Arnold Thorpe;
B0000CK253 John Northwood: His Contribution to the Stourbridge Flint Glass Industry 1850-1902
Author: John Northwood II;
B000ELP4EM CO - OPERATIVE FLINT GLASS CO. - Beaver Falls, PA Cata...
Author: ;

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