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Glass Collecting Books

1574325590 Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass
Author: Gene Florence, Cathy Florence; Buy New: $13.57
1574320459 Florence's Glassware Pattern Identification Guide
Author: Gene Florence; Buy New: $12.89
0873586565 Southwestern Pottery
Author: Allan Hayes; Buy New: $14.93
0873497783 Warman's Hummel Field Guide
Author: Carl F. Luckey, Dean A. Genth, Maria...; Buy New: $10.39
0764327550 Mauzy's Depression Glass
Author: Barbara E. Mauzy, Jim Mauzy; Buy New: $29.95
1574322206 Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years
Author: Gene Florence; Buy New: $16.47
1574322338 Heisey Glass 1896-1957
Author: Neila Bredehoft, Tom Bredehoft; Buy New: $16.47
1574321714 Collectors Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain
Author: Mary Frank Gaston; Buy New: $19.77
089689164X Warman's Depression Glass Field Guide
Author: Ellen T. Schroy, Tracy Schmidt; Buy New: $10.39
0764323318 Marble Collectors Handbook
Author: Robert S. Block; Buy New: $11.53
0891456260 Collector's Encyclopedia of Milk Glass
Author: Betty Newbound; Buy New: $16.47
1574324993 Everett Grist's Big Book of Marbles
Author: Everett Grist; Buy New: $16.47
1574324861 Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass
Author: Bill Edwards, Mike Carwile; Buy New: $19.77
0764315749 Marbles
Author: Robert Block; Buy New: $19.95
1574323210 The Fostoria Value Guide
Author: Emily Seate, Milbra Long; Buy New: $13.57
1400047307 Kovels' Bottles Price List, 13th edition
Author: Terry Kovel, Ralph Kovel; Buy New: $12.71
0891452265 Oil Lamps II
Author: Catherine M. V. Thuro; Buy New: $18.21
0873497759 Collecting Swarovski
Author: Dean A. Genth; Buy New: $19.79
0756605253 20th Century Glass
Author: Judith Miller, Mark Hill; Buy New: $19.80
1574324179 Elegant Glassware Of The Depression Era
Author: Florence Gene, Gene Florence;
0891451374 Bottle Pricing Guide
Author: Hugh Cleveland; Buy New: $7.95
0873498224 Collecting Antique Marbles
Author: Paul Baumann; Buy New: $16.49
1574322168 Collectible Glass Shoes
Author: Earlene Wheatley;
0873418220 Warman's American Pottery & Porcelain
Author: Susan Bagdade, Al Bagdade, Allen D. ...; Buy New: $16.47
0873418859 Heisey Glass
Author: Shirley Dunbar;
1574323849 Fenton Art Glass Patterns 1939-1980
Author: Margaret Whitmyer, Kenn Whitmyer; Buy New: $19.77
1845330994 Miller's 20th-Century Glass
Author: Andy McConnell; Buy New: $23.07
0873499611 Warman's Fenton Glass
Author: Mark F. Moran; Buy New: $18.24
1574324187 Fenton Art Glass Colors and Hand-Decorated Patterns 19...
Author: Margaret Whitmyer, Kenn Whitmyer; Buy New: $19.77
0764317938 The World of Wade Figurines And Miniatures
Author: Ian Warner, Mike Posgay; Buy New: $31.96
0896892247 Warmans Majolica
Author: Mark F. Moran; Buy New: $18.24
0891454888 Antique and Collectible Marbles
Author: Everett Grist; Buy New: $9.95
157432537X Glass Hen on Nest Covered Dishes
Author: Shirley Smith; Buy New: $19.77
0821228773 Decorating with China and Glass
Author: Caroline Clifton-Mogg, Simon Upton;
0553586726 The Girl in the Green Glass Mirror
Author: Elizabeth Mcgregor; Buy New: $11.05
0764300148 Marble Mania
Author: Stanley A. Block, Marble Collectors ...; Buy New: $27.96
1574322990 Fenton Art Glass 1907-1939
Author: Margaret Whitmyer, Kenn Whitmyer; Buy New: $29.95
1574320203 Collector's Guide to Inkwells, Book II
Author: Veldon Badders;
1574322214 Lighting Fixtures of the Depression Era
Author: Jo Ann Thomas; Buy New: $24.95
1574324209 The Hazel-atlas Glass Identification And Value Guide
Author: Florence Gene, Cathy Florence, Gene ...; Buy New: $24.95
1574325027 The Wonderful World of Collecting Perfume Bottles
Author: Jane Flanagan; Buy New: $29.95
158465161X If These Pots Could Talk
Author: Ivor Noel-Hume; Buy New: $36.50
0764310453 The Definitive Guide to Colorful Insulators
Author: Mike Bruner, Michael Bruner; Buy New: $37.77
0764311638 Scandinavian Ceramics & Glass
Author: George Fischler, Barrett Gould; Buy New: $35.46
0891456538 Evers' Standard Cut Glass Value Guide
Author: Jo Evers; Buy New: $11.01
0517580128 Kovels' American Art Pottery
Author: Ralph Kovel, Terry Kovel;
0960566414 400 Trademarks on Glass
Author: Arthur G. Peterson; Buy New: $9.95
0873497872 Warman's Lalique
Author: Mark F. Moran;
1574323474 Carnival Glass
Author: Bill Edwards, Mike Carwile; Buy New: $29.95
091541094X Pyrex by Corning
Author: Susan Tobier Rogove, Marcia Buan Ste...;
0764314599 Antique Glass Swirl Marbles
Author: Stanley A. Block; Buy New: $30.36
0873495861 Collecting Lladro
Author: Peggy Whiteneck; Buy New: $19.79
0764319264 Wedgwood Jasper Ware
Author: Michael Herman; Buy New: $31.96
0873496183 Warman's Depression Glass
Author: Ellen T. Schroy; Buy New: $27.95
1574321870 Coca Cola Commemorative Bottles
Author: Bob Henrich, Debra Henrich;
0764314815 Collecting Oyster Plates
Author: Jeffrey B. Snyder; Buy New: $22.76
0764310828 The Penny Bank Book
Author: Andy & Susan Moore; Buy New: $37.96
0891453555 The Collector's Encyclopedia of American Art Glass
Author: Iii John A. Shuman; Buy New: $29.95
0764314513 Living With Limoges
Author: Debby DuBay; Buy New: $36.46
0891457631 Collectible Cups & Saucers
Author: Jim Harran, Susan Harran; Buy New: $14.21
087349394X Warman's Glass
Author: Ellen T. Schroy;
0764300385 A Collector's Handbook of Miniature Perfume Bottles
Author: Jeri Lyn Ringblum; Buy New: $16.47
184000309X Miller's
Author: Anne Metcalfe;
0887409350 Designed & Signed
Author: Leslie A. Pina; Buy New: $29.95
1574322133 Collector's Guide to Glass Banks
Author: Charles V. Reynolds;
0764318594 Viking Glass 1944-1970
Author: Dean Six; Buy New: $22.76
0764312626 Milk Glass
Author: Myrna Garrison, Bob Garrison, Bob; Buy New: $19.77
1574321765 Field Guide to Pattern Glass
Author: Mollie Helen McCain;
1574323873 Glass Animals Including Animal & Figural Related Items...
Author: Dick Spencer, Pat Spencer; Buy New: $24.95
0764318047 Royal Delft
Author: Rick Erickson; Buy New: $48.97
0764306618 The Milk Glass Book
Author: Frank Chiarenza, James Alexander Sla...; Buy New: $39.96
0764318136 Fenton Special Orders, 1980-present
Author: John Walk; Buy New: $19.77
157432389X Florence's Glass Kitchen Shakers 1930-1950s
Author: Gene Florence, Cathy Florence; Buy New: $15.56
0764316389 Antique Limoges at Home
Author: Debby DuBay; Buy New: $32.97
0764314890 Fenton Glass Cats & Dogs
Author: Tara Coe-mcritchie; Buy New: $14.96
076431162X Russel Wright
Author: Joe Keller, David Ross; Buy New: $29.95
0764318500 Pueblo Pottery Families
Author: Lillian Peaster; Buy New: $13.57
0764325744 Wedgwood Jasper
Author: Michael Herman; Buy New: $52.30
0873497511 Warman's Fiesta Ware
Author: Mark F. Moran; Buy New: $16.49
0852632096 Bottles and Bottle Collecting
Author: A. A. C. Hedges; Buy New: $8.00
0887404677 Baubles, Buttons and Beads
Author: Sibylle Jargstorf; Buy New: $28.40
0873418964 Antique Trader American & European Decorative and Art ...
Author: Kyle Husfloen, Louis O., Jr. St. Aub...;
0764318519 Redware
Author: Kevin McConnell; Buy New: $12.95
0764315935 The Open Salt Compendium
Author: Sandra Jzyk, Nina Robertson; Buy New: $58.36
093062579X Fifty Years of Collectible Glass 1920-1970
Author: Tom Bredehoft, Neila Bredehoft;
0915410850 New Martinsville Glass, 1900-1944
Author: James Measell, Everett R. Miller, Ad...;
0812238966 Sculpture, Glass and American Museums
Author: Martha Drexler Lynn; Buy New: $32.97
1574321080 Fostoria Glassware, 1887-1982
Author: Frances Bones;
0961887907 Aladdin Electric Lamps
Author: J. W. Courter; Buy New: $24.95
076431386X A Collectors Guide to Royal Copenhagen Porcelain
Author: Caroline Pope, Nick Pope; Buy New: $39.96
0764323660 Perfume, Cologne, And Scent Bottles
Author: Jacquelyne North; Buy New: $51.06
1851493069 19th Century Lustreware
Author: Michael Gibson; Buy New: $62.65
0764317415 More Shelley China
Author: Nicholas Russ, Lee Jones; Buy New: $29.16
0891452702 Colors in Cambridge Glass - Updated Values
Author: Paul Cromer, Larry Ward;
1870703146 Collecting Lalique
Author: Robert Prescott-Walker;
157432179X Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass 1860-1930
Author: Bill Edwards, Mike Carwile;
0764319639 The Art of Carnival Glass
Author: Glen Thistlewood, Stephen Thistlewoo...; Buy New: $31.96
0891452362 Collector's Encyclopedia of Flow Blue China
Author: Mary Frank Gaston;
1574323601 Encyclopedia of Paden City Glass
Author: Carrie Domitz, Jerry Domitz; Buy New: $29.95
0891454438 Collector's Guide to Cartoon and Promotional Drinking ...
Author: John Hervey; Buy New: $17.95
0891455531 Collectible Glassware from the 40's, 50's, 60's
Author: Gene Florence;
0764316923 Hand Painted Porcelain Plates
Author: Richard Rendall, Elise Abrams; Buy New: $47.96
0764303848 Rosenthal
Author: Dieter Struss;
1574322842 Standard Encyclopedia of Opalescent Glass
Author: Bill Edwards, Mike Carwile;
0764313681 Popular '50s & '60s Glass
Author: Leslie Pina; Buy New: $29.95
088968295X Royal Doulton Animals
Author: Jean Dale; Buy New: $29.95
1574322125 Collector's Encyclopedia of Fiesta
Author: Bob Huxford, Sharon Huxford;
0764319183 Collectible Glass Bells of the World
Author: A. A., Jr. Trinidad; Buy New: $31.96
0764320777 Salt and Pepper Shakers
Author: Sylvia Tompkins, Irene Thornburg; Buy New: $18.96
1574323881 The Glass Candlestick Book, Vol. 3
Author: Tom Felt, Elaine Stoer, Rich Stoer; Buy New: $29.95
0764318861 Collecting Hand Painted Limoges Porcelain
Author: Debby Dubay; Buy New: $39.96
1581501080 Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide, 2004-2005
Author: Judy L. Marchman; Buy New: $12.71
0764304151 Lefton China
Author: Ruth McCarthy; Buy New: $29.95
0891456414 Everett Grist's Machine-Made and Contemporary Marbles ...
Author: Everett Grist;
0764319868 Franciscan Hand-decorated Embossed Dinnerware
Author: James F. Elliot-Bishop; Buy New: $27.96
0960524002 Ketchup, Pickles, Sauces
Author: Betty Zumwalt;
0764312251 Handbook for American Brilliant Cut Glass
Author: Bill Boggess, Louise Boggess; Buy New: $29.95
157432487X Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass Price Guide
Author: Bill Edwards, Mike Carwile;
0764316303 Antique Glass End-Of-Day Marbles
Author: Stanley A. Block;
1840001917 Fayf
Author: Sarah Yates; Buy New: $13.57
1574323555 Glass Tumblers
Author: Tom Bredehoft; Buy New: $29.95
0764319175 Staffordshire Figures
Author: Adele Kenny, Veronica Moriarty; Buy New: $47.96
0873418883 Antique Trader's Pottery & Porcelain Ceramics Price Gu...
Author: Kyle Husfloen;
0764303368 Romantic Staffordshire Ceramics
Author: Jeffrey B. Snyder; Buy New: $29.95
157432344X Bud Hastins Avon Collectors' Encyclopedia
Author: Bud Hastin;
038072815X Bottles
Author: Michael Polak; Buy New: $11.56
0764309250 Noritake Dinnerware
Author: Robin Brewer; Buy New: $31.96
1870703235 The Royal Winton Collector's Handbook
Author: Muriel M. Miller;
0873419715 Peachblow Glass
Author: Sean Billings, Johanna S. Billings;
0891454969 The Collector's Encyclopedia of Majolica
Author: Mariann Katz-Marks; Buy New: $19.95
1840006137 Collecting Porcelain
Author: John Sandon; Buy New: $22.76
076431811X Fenton Glass Compendium
Author: John Walk; Buy New: $29.95
1574324888 Standard Companion to Non-American Carnival Glass
Author: Bill Edwards, Mike Carwile; Buy New: $11.53
B00072PGYQ 5,000 open salts
Author: William Heacock;
0764315889 Depression Glass Collections and Reflections
Author: Doris Yeske; Buy New: $12.95
1574323814 Crackle Glass
Author: Stan Weitman, Arlene Weitman; Buy New: $24.95
0887403832 Collecting American Brilliant Cut Glass, 1876-1916
Author: Bill Boggess, Louise Boggess; Buy New: $47.96
0764311026 The Collector's World of Inkwells
Author: Jean Hunting, Franklin Hunting, Fran...; Buy New: $50.90
0764316532 Scandinavian Glass, 1930-2000
Author: Leslie A. Pina, Lorenzo Vigier; Buy New: $37.77
1582210098 Collectible Glass Rose Bowls
Author: Johanna S. Billings, Sean Billings;
0764318128 Fenton Special Orders, 1940-1980.
Author: John Walk; Buy New: $22.76
1574323008 The Glass Candlestick Book
Author: Tom Felt, Rich Stoer, Elaine Stoer; Buy New: $24.95
B0006XDJ0Y Spinning Wheel's collectible glass
Author: Albert Christian Revi;
0873417240 Collecting Antique Marbles
Author: Paul Baumann;
1574321919 Collectors Encyclopedia of Nippon Poreclain
Author: Joan Van Patten;
087069653X Oil Lamps
Author: Catherine M. V. Thuro, Ken Bell;
0764322435 The Big Book of Fenton Glass, 1940-1970
Author: John Walk, Joseph Gates; Buy New: $19.95
0891456953 Collectable Glass Shoes
Author: Earlene Wheatley;
0764308866 Josef Originals
Author: Dee Harris, Jim Whitaker, Kaye Whita...; Buy New: $24.95
0764318446 Swankyswigs
Author: Mark Moore, Sheila Moore; Buy New: $9.95
0891454152 Bedroom and Bathroom Glassware of the Depression Years...
Author: Margaret Whitmyer, Kenn Whitmyer;
076431257X Picture Book of Vaseline Glass Edition
Author: Sue C. Davis; Buy New: $22.76
0870694626 Glass Signatures, Trademarks and Trade Names
Author: Anne Geftken Pullin;
0764313444 Fenton Glass Compendium, 1970-1985
Author: John Walk; Buy New: $29.95
0764315951 Fenton Rarities, 1940-1985
Author: John Walk; Buy New: $29.95
0870695754 Tomart's Price Guide to Character & Promotional Glasse...
Author: Carol Markowski, Gene Markowski;
1870703367 Collecting Art Deco Ceramics
Author: Pat Watson, Howard Watson;
0764311484 Fiesta, Harlequin, & Kitchen Kraft Dinnerwares
Author: Homer Laughlin China Collectors Asso...; Buy New: $31.96
0394712722 Glass Tableware, Bowls, Vase
Author: Jane Shadel Spillman;
1574321463 Early Twentieth Century Lighting Fixtures
Author: Jo Ann Thomas;

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