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I Want To Be A Cowboy!
(click on any of the images to see the Western Wear products on Amazon)

If you first want to study up on being a cowboy,
I highly recommend this book!
4.6 out of 5 stars, people like this book!
Or maybe you would like to read this book instead..."
Liked almost as much: 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Probably the first thing you need to get is a really great hat. I prefer brown.
This hat is the "Indiana Jones Men's All Seasons Outback" which is pretty awesome!
Gets 4.5 out of 5 stars too.
But some people prefer an awesome black hat!
Even better 4.6 stars!
Or you could split the difference, and consider this really nice khaki hat!
Tops at 4.7 out of 5 stars!
After getting your hat, I think boots should be next!
I like Justin, because they are really comforable, the soles are rubber, and there is a comfotable insole.
The Justin boots come in a variety of colors, I like tan, and also have the option for Steel Toe, if you require that.
Many Justin Boots use Crazy Horse leathers which are an oil-treated leather. Justin recommends Apache Cream as a cream-based leather conditioner to maintain moisture in the leather.
Justin also recommends "Snow Seal" (Sno-Seal) as a welt selt, or "Aqua Seal".
Here is perhaps my best advice for a new cowboy: if you are getting boots, you REALLY need to get GREAT BOOT SOCKS, and these Fox River are AWESOME! Available in 4 colors: Foliage Green, black, coyote brown (shown), and sand. These are Amazon Prime too. If you doubt my advice, you will be convinced when you read some of the 535 detailed reviews, many by military folks.
Once you have your cowboy hat and cowboy boots, you will need your cowboy belt. I really like this belt, and I think the color matches well with the hats and boot above..
The belt above features a Snap on interchangeable buckle, which allows us to upgrade to an awesome Crumrine belt buckle like you see here!
Crumrine is famous for this type of LARGE silver-and-gold-tone "rodeo" belt buckles, I like the horse theme.
And to complete your Western Cowboy look, how about a really nice bolo tie!
And a nice Western shirt to go with everything else...
This Western shirt is really nice too.
Once you've got the apparel, how about a few songs to listen too?i
Justin Moore is AWESOME! (both in concert and recorded)
Another powerful song you might want to stream
There is such a wide range of music available...
Hank Williams Jr.'s father nicknamed him Bocephus (after Grand Ole Opry comedian Rod Brasfield's ventriloquist dummy).

You might want to make sure that the CHECKS you carry in your WALLET,
and the checks you WRITE, properly reflect your cowboy image!
I found these Cowboy checks on The Bradford Exchange Checks


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