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Lampworking, Torchworking, Flameworking - Books

096244040X Glassblowing
Author: Homer L. Hoyt;
1579907415 Flameworking
Author: Elizabeth Mears; Buy New: $13.57
0972526633 Torchworked Marbles, Vol. 1 - Beginning to Intermediat...
Author: Drew Fritts;
0965897214 Contemporary Lampworking
Author: Bandhu Scott Dunham; Buy New: $59.95
B000LBVC8M Contemporary Lampworking. A Practical Guide to Shaping Glass in the Flame, 2 vol. set
Author: Bandhu Dunham, bw/color photos;
0896895491 Creating Lampwork Beads for Jewelry
Author: Karen J. Leonardo; Buy New: $16.49
1579907644 Creative Glass Techniques
Author: Bettina Eberle; Buy New: $16.47
0960168214 Glassblowing
Author: Edward Carberry;
0974262153 Gail Crossman Moore's Borosilicate Beads of Nature
Author: Jim Kervin;
B000LS225W Spotlight on Hollow Beads and Vessels
Author: Corina Tettinger;
Author: Frederic. Schuler;
0970893906 Advanced flameworking
Author: Milon Townsend;
0970893914 Advanced flameworking
Author: Milon Townsend;

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