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Glassblower.Info - Glassblowing Stamps

An online catalog by Richard Samuel of all the world-wide stamps on glassblowing, glassblowers, and glass arts. Definitely worth a look! Click the right-pointing triangle to move from one stamp to the next (in alphabetical order by country).

I have an itemized list of the 30 glassblowing stamps on my home page here.
Glassblower.Info -
Although it sounds like it is about crafts, there is a lot of glass information here, and the people seem to have a very good time. Recommended by Richard Samuel.
Glassblower.Info - Walt Lieberman
Walt Lieberman website including blown glass, painted glass, and sculpture glass.
Glassblower.Info -
1178Designs started in 1978 when Jean Luc Comperat and Minouche Waring merged their experiences into designing glass and stained glass decorative useful objects. Includes Jewelry Boxes, Picture Frames, Bowls, Plates, Sculptural, Lamps, Mantel Clocks, Jars, Custom Work, and more.
Glassblower.Info -
2400 Fahrenheit Art Glass Hawaii. Handblown art glass from Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. Studio of Michael and Misato Mortara creates glassblown platters, bowls, vases, sculptures and more. View on-line galleries of their latest line.
Glassblower.Info -
I purchased a Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante "New Years Eve" special package, and I made this purchase because the package included two free champagne flutes with cobalt blue frit. These had the appearance of being hand-made, as the blue frit was slightly "bumpy" (raised) on the surface of the glasses. In fact, people asked if I had made these glasses, and as much as I would have been proud to have made these, they were actually designed and imported by a company named "1Source Inc." (according to the label on the bottom of the glasses). This is their website, and I found it fascinating!
Glassblower.Info -
The breadth of Steve Abell's involvement in the transformation of glass in the manufacturing process, ranges from the large industries, to Universities, Institutions, and the Glass Artisans themselves. Abell Combustion, Inc. is your complete source of Combustion Equipment for your Hot Glass Studio. For the Glass Artisans, they offer a wide range of Burners, Controls, and Safety Systems to fit ones' needs and financial resources. Click here for their Glassblower's Product Catalog
Glassblower.Info -
"Glass Artists, we have the kilns you need to enhance your creativity. Whether you're a lampworker making beads and functional items; a fusing artist, fusing and slumping glass to create your designs; or a glass blower needing an annealer or a small crucible furnace...AIM Kilns makes the kiln for you."

Offers two sizes of crucible kilns:

  • 25 pound, Model 1411C Crucible furnace, 14" dia. by 11" tall (inside).
    Fits 25 pound crucible. 240 volt, 17 amp. Very efficient.
    Complete with digital ramp/soak controller, disconnect switch on lid,
    1" fiberboard top insert. Standard w/type K thermocouple.
    For type S thermocouple, add $100.00.
  • 50 pound, Model 1713C Crucible furnace, 17" dia. by 13" tall (inside).
    Fits 50 pound crucible. 240 volt, 24 amp. Very efficient.
    Complete with digital ramp/soak controller, disconnect switch on lid, 1" fiberboard top insert.
    Standard w/type S thermocouple.
    US$1175.00 I was wondering how machines made glass marbles, and found this wonderful resource!
Glassblower.Info - Dichro Dichroic
Susan Rostoff of Premier Glass Fusion & Jewelry Supply sells on ebay wonderful assortments of relatively inexpensive dichroic glass ("dichro" for short) -- perfect starter kits for a glass student to experiment with. I have to warn you that dichro is expensive -- you think Kugler was expenensive -- How about a dollar per square inch!

Dichro is a glass sheet which has been plasma coated (vacuum thin film deposition) with metal oxides only a few millionths of an inch thick. These metallic layers produce one color when viewed via transmitted light as contrasted with reflected light, so the colors you see change when you look at the glass from different angles. I consider this basically a form of "magic", but you may consider it similar to the rainbow pattern you might see in a puddle of water which has a small amount of oil on top.

Susan's dichro has a 90 COE so it should be compatible with most furnace glass.

Susan sells dichro with either a clear backing glass (substrate) or opaque black backing glass (substrate). I've been told that when you want to incorporate dichro into a hot glass piece, you want the CLEAR dichro, place (roll) the plasma side (shiny side) on your bubble, and leave the clear base glass on top - to protect the fragile plasma layer from the heat of the glory hole etc.

Click here to see Tony Patti's first dichro piece
Glassblower.Info -
A.R.T.C.O. is an abbreviation for Artist's Reliable Tool Company. ARTCO offers a number of products including:
  • Books (Art & Fear, Dan Fenton, Henry Halem, Molding & Casting Handbook, Boyce Lundstrom)
  • Measuring Items (Digital Scales, Graduated Containers, Pyrometers)
  • Personal Safety (Heat-Resistant Gloves)
  • Tools ('Exact' Torches)
Especially valuable is the web page "How to select the right High Temperature Glove"
I highly recommend you read it thoroughly! Sundance is self-described as "The West Coast's Art Glass Center". What is particularly intriguing about their wide range of products is that they offer everything so that you could setup a small hot glass studio in your backyard, and costing approximately $3,000 - $4,000! This includes a small furnace, gloryhole, annealing kiln, two blowpipes, two punties, crucible, two pairs of shears, two jacks, two wood blocks, one graphite block, and a steel marvering plate!
Glassblower.Info - ASGS
Although Glassblower.Info is dedicated to "Art Glass", there are other types of glassblowing, including "Scientific Glassblowing".

"The American Scientific Glassblowers Society is dedicated to providing continuing education for its members and maintaining the successful association between scientific glassblowers and all of the various enterprises which entail glass fabrication.

The ASGS is a professional, nonprofit, organization of scientific glassblowers and associated members who are interested in the art of scientific glassblowing. The objectives of the Society are the promotion, gathering, and dissemination of technical and scientific information concerning all aspects of scientific glassblowing."

According to an article in the Baltimore Sun Newspaper " University glass shops 'are shrinking,' said Michael J. Souza, the glassblower at Princeton University and president of the American Scientific Glassblowers Society, which numbers about 1,000 members. 'The trend is not going good.' "

Glassblower.Info - AUR99 Glassblowing Safety Glasses
Aura Lens -- Protective Eyewear. Glassblowers in particular should consider the AUR-99
If you require prescription lenses, consider buying your next pair with magnetic clip-on sunglasses. Mike Aurelius can replace the regular sunglass lenses with his AUR-99 and you are ready for glassblowing!
Glassblower.Info - BAGI.ORG
"The Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI) is a non-profit organization formed in 1996 to educate the public about glass art and the community of glass artists in the San Francisco Bay Area and to help up-and-coming artists pursue careers in glass." BAGI offers glassblowing classes as well as studio rentals.

Hot Shop Rentals are for 4-hour blow slots and cost $160 per bench. Rental of one bench includes: one glory hole, annealer space, oxy-propane fire polishing area, use of a small garage, jacks, tweezers, scissors, diamond shears.
Glassblower.Info - -- "Contemporary Creations in Glass"

Bashi, A Pacific Northwest artist was first introduced to lampworking when he moved to Eugene, Oregon. An artist, from a "long line of artisans and Italian craftsmen" he had already made significant strides in establishing himself as a surrealistic illustrator and painter when he discovered his muse in glass. Bashi's work has been featured in several publications including Glass Line magazine and The Flow.
Glassblower.Info - Blenko Glass
Blenko Glass Company was founded in 1893 by William J. Blenko. The original name of the company was Eureka Glass Company. It was called this because William J. Blenko spent years trying to find a ruby red sheet glass that would not change colors when painted and fired. When he developed this color, he threw his arms in the air, and said "Eureka, I've found it!"

In 1923, his 26-year-old son William H. Blenko Sr. joined him in Milton. This is when the factory really took off. William H. Blenko Sr. had energy, ideas and an astute sense of sales. Even by 1927, Eureka antique sheet glass was specified for Liverpool Cathedral. By 1929, sales were slow due to the depression in America. Bill Sr. contacted a Boston Importer, called Carbone. Carbone was importing his glass vases from Venice, Bill Blenko said he could manufacture them, and save Carbone money. In reality, Bill Blenko did not have the skilled men to make them. Upon his return to Milton, he found two Swedish glassworkers to work part-time. Their names were Axel Mueller and Louie Miller. They were brothers. These two men were highly skilled in stemware manufacture, and set the standard for all craftsmen to follow.

William H. Blenko Jr., after serving his time in the Air Force, in 1946 became the 3rd generation to join the family business of glass making.

In 1976, Richard Deakin Blenko, son of William Jr. joined the business, becoming the fourth generation to work in the family business. In 1989, he published the book "Blenko Glass 1930-1953, and founded the Blenko Glass Museum.
Glassblower.Info -
Bridgland Studios. In 1995, Jay Bridgland started glass flame working in Oakland, California. Over the next four years Jay created a strong working foundation that would lead the way technically and artistically in borosilicate flame working.

Flameworking is a technique of forming objects from rods and tubes of borosilicate glass. Flameworking stems from an ancient tradition that was used in Ancient Egypt to produce highly decorated and prized glass vessels that were buried in tombs and survive today. When heated in a flame, glass becomes soft and can be manipulated into the desired shape. Formerly, the source of the flame was an oil or paraffin lamp used in conjunction with foot-powered bellows. Today, gas-fueled torches are used.

Glassblower.Info - BCCC Glassblowing Group Project
Bucks County Community College (BCCC) is one of the very few community colleges which offers hot-glass (furnace) glassblowing. BCCC is located at:

3D Arts Building
275 Swamp Road (click for Mapquest)
Newtown, PA 18940
Phone: 215-968-8211

Click here for information about the Glass Arts Society at BCCC.

See also Introduction to Glassblowing (ARTS 147 course) and
Intermediate Glassblowing (ARTS 148 course)

The photo shown at the left was taken during the Fall 2004 semester Group Project (normally there are not five people working in the furnace area of the studio at one time).

Glassblower.Info - Bullseye Logo
Bullseye is a manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture. Bullseye Round Rods were recommended to me by Mark Wilson and can be purchased from C&R Loo (a quarter of a pound is 5 rods which are 18" long and 4mm - 5mm in diameter, and yield 20 cane sections 4" long for about US$5.00). Mark pointed out to me that, with a COE of 90, these are (may be) compatible with much hot glass base (clear) glasses (which typically have a calculated/measured COE in the 87 - 96 range).

Fused Glass Source actually lists the price on a per rod basis and while "red" traditionally is one of the more expensive glass colors, it is actually one of the least expensive Bullseye rod colors (and quite a pretty opaque red too).

Fused Glass Source has a good color chart as well as a nice photo of the rods

In terms of COE compatibility, C&R Loo has a nice chart as does which compares

I have a lot more information, including all the colors, on my page here.
Glassblower.Info - Caithness Glass Paperweights
"Welcome to Caithness Glass, producers of hand crafted modern paperweights and fine coloured glassware. Caithness Glass paperweights and artglass are known throughout the world for their colours, themes and styles and every piece is hand made in Scotland.

Caithness Glass is a world leader in the creation and manufacture of high quality paperweights and artglass. Since our inception in 1961 we have taken our inspiration from the colours of the Scottish landscape - warm peaty tones, heather purple, golden sunsets, the grey blue of the lochs. In 1968, we added glass engraving to our skills, and in 1969, we developed innovative techniques for producing abstract paperweights. Today, over 30 years later, our paperweight studios in Perth combine the finest design and traditional skills to create pieces which are entirely unique, and we are now justifiably regarded as one of the world's most respected producers of museum-quality paperweights."
Glassblower.Info - Chicago Hot Glass
Chicago Hot Glass is a West Side Chicago glass-working public-access studio. This complete glass-working studio space provides resources for glass artists and enthusiasts of all levels. All facilities are available for rent. Classes, parties, demonstrations and more are offered.

Chicago Hot Glass includes:

  • 3200 square foot facility
  • furnace with 400 pounds of Spruce Pine clear crystal & 100 pounds of color
  • (four) 20-pound pot electric color furnace
  • (four) gloryholes (12" diameter, 16" diameter, and 19" diameter)
  • (seven) annealers of various sizes

Rentals are available for between $20 per hour and $40 per hour, depending on the number of hours rented, and the size of the gloryhole. A glassblowing garage is also available for rent!
Glassblower.Info - Chihuly Seaforms
Dale Chihuly. Amazing. From the "Intro" page: "Dale Chihuly is most frequently lauded for revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement, by expanding its original premise of the solitary artist working in a studio environment to encompass the notion of collaborative teams and a division of labor within the creative process. However, Chihuly's contribution extends well beyond the boundaries of both this movement and even the field of glass: his achievements have influenced contemporary art in general. Chihuly's practice of using teams has led to the development of complex, multipart sculptures of dramatic beauty that place him in the leadership role of moving blown glass out of the confines of the small, precious object and into the realm of large-scale contemporary sculpture. In fact, Chihuly deserves credit for establishing the blown-glass form as an accepted vehicle for installation and environmental art, beginning in the late twentieth century and continuing today."
Saw this photo on his website -- putting a large piece away in the annealler, while wearing full "silver" proximity suits? Glassblower.Info - Chihuly - Proximity Suit Corning Museum of Glass - An amazing place to visit, preferably in person, but if not, at least you can visit via the Web!
"Ms. Information" (Trademark) indexing a large number of out-of-print, new, and used books on antiques and collectibles, and specifically on this link, many dozens of glass-related categories such as
  • Glass Makers and Artists
  • Art Deco Glass
  • Art Glass (in 15 different categories)
  • Beads
  • American Blown Glass
  • Colored Glass including Cobalt Blue, Carnival Glass, Cranberry/Ruby Glass, Milk/Opaque Glass, Opalescent Glass, Stretch Glass, Vaseline Glass
  • Commemorative/Historical Glass
  • Cut Glass
  • Decorated Glass
  • Drinking Vessels
  • Figural Glass/Glass Animals
  • Kitchen Glassware
  • Paperweights
  • Pattern/Pressed Glass
  • Stained Glass
  • Stemware Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, a group interested in promoting interest in contemporary studio glass.

Check out LINKS - ARTISTS list, which is very complete and contains links to the websites of over 250 major glass artists!

There are regional and local Contemporary Glass Collectors' Groups in the following regions:

  • California: Glass Alliance of Los Angeles
  • California: Glass Alliance of Northern California
  • Florida: Florida Glass Art Alliance
  • Illinois: Midwest Contemporary Art Glass Group
  • Massachusetts: Massachusetts College of Art Friends of Glass
  • Michigan Contemporary Glass Group (Detroit)
  • New York: Metropolitan Contemporary Glass Group - MCGG
  • Ohio: Contemporary Glass Alliance (Cleveland)
  • Pennsylvania: Contemporary Glass Philadelphia
  • Texas: Gulf Coast Glass Alliance
Contemporary Glass Philadelphia -- The mission of CGP is to aid the continued development of the Philadelphia area's growing glass community. After the completion of their project each of the awardees will submit a report about their experience and some will be asked to make a presentation at a future CGP meeting. Click here for news about CGP Contemporary Glass Philadelphia. Charlie Correll sells all manner of state of the art equipment for the glass hotshop including Furnaces, Glory Holes, Annealers, Garages, Hotboxes, Specialty tools such as cork paddles, ladles and more. Particularly noteworthy is the web page which uses algebra to reach the conclusion that "Set the Pi Divider a bit more than three cane diameters short" whenever you are doing a cane pickup (the same advice applies slab or murini pickup, to setting your Pi Divider short by a little more than 3 times the thickness of whatever you are rolling to pickup.

Glassblower.Info - The Crefeld School - Glassblowing Hot Shop
The Crefeld school, located in Chestnut Hill, PA, is one of the very few High Schools in the United States which has a Hot Shop and offers furnace glassblowing! Below is the history of their facility, from their History web page (I also agree with their statement below which I underlined about the growing strength of Philadelphia's glass community):
  • The Crefeld GlassWorks is one of the half dozen high school glass programs that is used to aid in the education of young adults. With the help of friends and alumni of the Crefeld School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Aaron Wiener and Jeff Elston created a tiny shop where they could make small glass pieces. The Crefeld School basically gave Aaron and Jeff a small space in their basement to work out of for their private use.
  • As more and more students took interest in the fire and the magic of the glass, the school realized the potential glass working had as an educational tool. Shortly after being built the studio equipment for the students was purchased by the Crefeld School from Aaron and Jeff. Thus the Crefeld GlassWorks was formed. The glass studio created an opportunity for the students to partake in an exciting new activity that is fun and educational at the same time Over the last three years the glass program has started to find its identity, an identity that is driven by the wonderful way that it has served to help young adults.
  • Currently the program is designed to help by teaching as an outward-bound style program. It seeks to teach responsibility and community. The students are responsible for each other, they are all in this together. They thrive with the challenge and bubble with pride as they share and teach each other how to be caretakers of their community and their immediate partners in the studio.
  • The success of this program has been helped by the location, close to Tyler College of Art, University of the Arts, and Bucks County Community College. Philadelphia has a healthy glass community, growing and finding strength and visibility. The students at the Crefeld Glassworks have the ability of getting a tremendous start and a chance to take their passion to a professional level, locally, and easily.
  • As people have found out about the glassworks, there has been a large influx of interest with the larger population. Crefeld is a changing and growing studio and educational experience. Not entrenched, but finding its way to work both with the internal community of the high school and the external community of the greater Philadelphia region. C & R Loo sells just about all the supplies a glass artist would need!

Glassblower.Info -
"C.R. Machine specializes in manufacturing only blowpipes and puntys. With 43 different sizes, you can be sure that whatever you are making, there is a blowpipe or punty that is perfect for your application. Nickelite. glassblowing blowpipes and punties are made with higher grade materials than other tools. High Nickel stainless steels and high temperature alloys make Nickelite tools the strongest, most scale resistant lightweight tools in the industry. 'Balance engineering' and the new 'micro-knurl' contribute to the Nickelite. philosophy of comfortable tools for the glass worker. Fatigue and joint problems can be a major problem for many veteran glassblowers, so the handling comfort of these fine quality tools is a welcome feature."

Key features of Nickelite. tools:

  • Higher grade materials
  • Lightweight, balance engineered. design
  • Long head length
  • High strength
  • Scale free operation
  • Micro-knurl. gripping surface
My friend David owns their blowpipes and punties, and the micro-knurling is rather interesting!
The American Cut Glass Association (ACGA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the study, research, and collection of American Brilliant Cut Glass. This glass was made between 1876 and 1914.
Glassblower.Info - Cutting Edge Products - for Glassblowing
Considered by many to have THE BEST diamond shears (also known as combo shears). Click here for a picture of the two sizes, and click here for a close-up of the "business end" of the shears Only one word comes to mind: amazing!
Be sure to look at his Reticello Vases here and here and here.
As well as mosaic vases here and here and here.
Glassblower.Info - Denver Glass - Glassblowing Equipment
Denver Glass Machinery -- Equipment for the professional glass artist. I have one of their glassblowing benches. Their equipment can be used for "cold glass", "warm glass", and "hot glass".
East Falls Glassworks is greater Philadelphia's largest studio and gallery dedicated to hot glass work. Their goal is to encourage the art and craft of glassblowing within the Philadelphia community.

They welcome the public to stop in, any time they are working, and watch them transform molten glass into works of art. The studio is set up with a designated viewing area and they will usually offer a special 'behind-the-scenes' tour between pieces. During your visit, make sure you check out our gallery, they have a large collection of glass art made by Philadelphia area glass artists.

They created a new Glassblowing Step-By-Step page to document many different glass blowing techniques and the process to make many different forms.

There is also a glorious photographic glassblowing glossary here which is a wonderful resource for glassblowing students. Check out Elin's "Gaffing Work and Glassblowing Pictures" which include "Making Glass Oak Leaves" as well as her other photos working and teaching in a glassblowing studio. Elin's "Selected Work" is separated into six categories: Tower series, Column Bowls, Portal series, Tectonics, Sculptural Work: Alfred, Sculptural Work: San Francisco.

Falorni started producing glass furnaces 25 years ago. Initially Gianfranco Falorni established a warehouse for refractory materials, in order to supply the several existing glass companies in Tuscany. It proved to be a good business, the proof is that Sepr-Refradige's storage is still housed in Falorni.

The company broadened its Horizons when Riccardo Scarselli joined and, later, started to run the business. He realized that glass companies needed to renew and upgrade the old furnaces;the market was looking for a new company to build,start up and assist the plants. Enginneer Sandro Lorenzini, who has been working in glass factories in Italy and foreign countries as chief engineer and production manager,joined in 1996.

Our products: Miniglass, Day Tanks, Continuous Tanks. In the last 2 years Falorni has produced and sold more than 40 miniglass, 30 day tanks, and 12 continuous tanks. The output of these furnaces ranges from 1 hundred kgs up to 20 tons of glass per day. Our customers produce high quality art glass,either hand made, either robot operated. Each plant is specifically designed according to the customer's needs. In particular we consider the kind of glass produced, numbers of shifts per day, the kind of glassware, and the forming process. Fenton Art Glass Company. They have an email direct mailing list to keep collectors informed of special events, new items, promotions, and information that is of interest to the collector community at large.

Flash Glass Art is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Here is a direct quote from their website, this is awesome!

Peopled only by persons who care about all levels of Art Glass, if it doesn't deal with Art Glass, We don't do it.

We have been doing Art glass for over 30 years, and are still enjoying this as a Profession-as a Life....

That's what Art Glass is to us. The learning that never ends, and the Beauty that will always be for Our loved ones and Yours. That's why you should do business with us, We Still Love It.

We want people to learn Art Glass- That's why we teach classes- Where we start you off at the very Basic level, To cut your own glass, with your own tools, making a design we know to have to some easy and difficult cuts, so when you leave us, you'll be able to do your own work, and not feel limited.

Gil Reynolds and Carmen Reynolds founded Fusion Headquarters, Inc. in Portland, Oregon in 1985. Here is the introduction on their website:
"As we both traveled the county teaching glass fusing, pate-de-verre, Fire Bucket and casting seminars, we became frustrated by the lack of materials available to our students. Slowly we searched out the best sources from different industries and started offering them to kiln workers around the globe. We found an old man who still hand spins and shapes metal for our custom designed stainless steel bending and slumping molds. We went to Europe to find the world's richest and brightest enamels and glass paints. When we couldn't find what we needed, we made it ourselves. We created lead-free overglazes, a superior kiln shelf primer, wrote the Fused Glass Handbook, and made instructional videos.

All in all, we have grown as the fusing community has grown, we have great prices on the high quality Evenheat Electric Kilns and we are the US distributor for Holland's, gas-fired painting kilns, The Speed Burn lll. Under the Goodies Section, you will find our wide assortment of mica flakes, gold pens and a few surprises.

We are not some big business that can offer you same-day delivery. We process every order by hand and we usually ship on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We use UPS so we don't have to drive into town to go to the post office, but we can if you need us to. We are glad to answer your questions and we want to continue building upon our solid reputation by providing great products and quality service. We hope you find what you are looking for, but if you don't maybe we can steer you in the right direction. Keep a Warm Kiln, Gil Reynolds"
While much of what Gil wrotes is oriented towards kiln-workers, I think the small size of his equipment is well oriented towards someone (like me!) who wants to setup a small (micro!) hobbyist glassblowing studio at home -- perhaps just for weekend use. The benefits of this scale is the low operating costs (unlike a full-size production studio where the monthly bill can run to US$3,000 - US$5,000 per month for utilities) -- Gil measures the costs of his small gloryhole (Murphy fire bucket) in cents per hour! And there is another benefit to his fiber blanket approach -- it heats up almost instantly, unlike a ceramic brick gloryhole which needs an hour to heat up. Does it retain heat as well, no, but these are the trade-offs inherent with doing a studio on a micro scale.
I would particularly point you to Gil's Fire Bucket webpage at: Generations Glass Art & Lampworking Supplies - East Coast Lampworking Supplies, Borosilicate Color, Phillips Safety Lampworking Eye Protection, Hand Tools, Etc.
Randy Tiffany's website for his Hot Shop in Southern New Jersey. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this website is a "live cam" (web camera) which is active Saturday afternoons, so you can watch their glassblowing! Also offers classes!

Mark Wilson has done what many people only dream of -- creating a small low-cost glassblowing studio at home, which can be run on the weekend!

"I designed and built my hot glass studio in a 8x14 foot room in my home.
Everything is electrically powered except for the glory hole.
My crucible furnace holds 40 lbs of hot glass.
Operating costs run about $50 per month blowing every weekend for a total of 9 to 12 hours of blow time.
During the week, the studio is shut down.
I had the local building inspector and fire marshal sign off on the studio for non-commercial use." Glass Supply Network has all kinds of lampworking tools and supplies. Fascinating step-by-step photos and descriptions of making a marble in a torch (lampwork). Mike also sells "signature cane" in COE 104 glass. Intended to be the "one location on the Internet that provides an accurate and organized directory to promote the Art Glass industry to the General Public (those who really want beautiful Art Glass)." "The Glass Art Society is a professional organization whose purpose is to encourage exellence, to advance education, to promote the appreciation and development of the glass arts, and to support the worldwide community of artists who work with glass."

Currently G.A.S. has over 3,000 members from about 50 countries. Fascinating collection of glass artists and their glass art!
"Glass Artists Gallery is your single source for buying functional and architectural glass art. As you preview our online art gallery, you will find over 90 of the finest glass artist professionals nationwide."
  • Lighting
  • Sinks
  • Tiles
  • Wall Art
  • Architectural
  • Furniture
  • Sculpture
  • Vessels
  • Accessories
www.glassblower.Info/ This website! Hope you like it! (Comments about this website can be sent here) Glassblowing can be found all over the world. This is Bermuda'a Original Glassblowing Studio. Some great photos, especially here and here and here (especially like the pink rim on this piece). They also offer one-on-one workshops. Based in Poughkeepsie, NY. Offers beginning glassblowing lessons, studio rentals, and weekend workshops / retreats. Olympic Color Rod carries the largest inventory in North America of glass colors (rod, frit, powder) by Gaffer®, Kugler Colors®*, Zimmermann, and Reichenbach (also known as Q-Color). They also offer a large selection of pro and hand-crafted tools, precious metal leaf, hand and arm protection, and the Exact torch from Denmark. Website of
  • Glass Craftsman magazine,
  • Books published by Glass Press,
  • SkillFest Workshop Series
  • (see more detailed description below)

Glass Formations is a new hot glass studio located in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. Glass Formations is owned and operated by Steuben Master Glassblower Jay Holden. Jay has been a glassblower for over 30 years starting in 1972 at Corning Glass Works in Corning, New York as a shop boy. Jay advanced to the position of gaffer and after eight years decided that he needed other skills so he signed on as a pipefitter apprentice but the call of the glass was too much to ignore. Then in 1980 Steuben Glass called and asked Jay if he wanted to join their team of glassblowers and he jumped at the chance to work for the famous glass maker. Jay has worked for Steuben for twenty three years. He has made beautiful Steuben Crystal for some of the most famous people in the world. Heads of State and even the President of The United States. He has worked with some of the world's greatest glass workers. Lino Tagliapietra, Sonya Bloomdaul, and William Gudenrath. He has produced pieces designed by Steuben's best designers. James Houston, Bernard X. Wolff, Donald Pollard and the presant designers, Eric Hilton, David Dowler, Joel Smith and Taf Lebel-Shaefer.

Jay has now decided to build a small studio at his home in Tyrone, New York where he will continue to produce glass in the quality he is accustomed to. Hand made Bowls, Vases and Ornamental designs as well as Wine Glasses and Paperweights will be made with the skill and craftmanship that can only be Glass Formations. We are also making lampworked glass. Jay will be joined by his daughter Angela and son Josh in the lampshop operations. The studio is still under construction and will be operational sometime in 2004. Till then Jay will continue to make glass for Steuben. So, whether you are a collector or a consumer looking for that special piece for yourself or someone you love, Make Glass Formations your choice. You will be glad you did. Thank you for stopping by. Books and Videos on:
- Art & History
- Beadmaking & Beading
- Color & Design
- Etching, Engraving & Sandblasting
- Fusing & Kilncrafting
- Glass Painting
- Glassblowing & Pate de Verre
- Jewelry & Enameling
- Lampmaking
- Lampworking & Sculpture
- Leaded Glass
- Liquifusion
- Mosaics
- Patina & Metalwork
- Soldering, Cutting & Construction Joel Bless and Candace Luke-Bless, Glasslight Studio.
Great teacher, amazing lamps!
Click here for photos of one of Glasslight's advanced glassblowing classes Glass Line Newsletter. The source of the "Link Exchange" (LE) for the graphic shown at the top of this web page. A wide variety of glass informaiton, including flat glass, automotive glass, optical glass, hollow glass, art glass, and more. Glass Talk Radio (Internet Radio Show) hosted by Dale Smeltzer. See also (below).
www.GlassWeb.Org A glass portal being created by John Iuro.
The GoggleWorks Center for the Arts is a community arts and cultural resource center located in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania. Having opened its doors to the public on September 18, 2005, the story of the GoggleWorks is just beginning to unfold. The history of its unique location, the creative drive behind the vision, and the bright future ahead are chapters intertwined to make the GoggleWorks' story one of engaging passion; for the arts and culture, for our richly diverse community, and for the revitalization of a city thirsting for the cultural and economic boon that has been proven to come of similar regional arts center projects.

One of the largest, most comprehensive interactive community arts centers in the country, the GoggleWorks offers an exceptional opportunity for members of the community near and far to come experience and learn about the arts in a working studio environment. The GoggleWorks is 130,000 square feet of dynamic space,

The GoggleWorks hot, warm and cold glass facilities are built and designed by Eddie Bernard; a.k.a "Wet Dog Glass", He and his team installed the shop just last September. The glass studio has many facets, including hot glass and hot casting facilities, lampworking with 10 torches from Glass Torch Technologies, a beautiful, complete cold shop (including two lathes), and a cold casting, fusing, and stained glass studio.

In the hot shop they melt Gaffer pellitized batch (co-efficient 96) in a freestanding pot tank that holds 500+ pounds of glass. (Their fusing studio is also a system 96 studio. They will be running many workshops that employ multiple techniques to utilize the ever expanding potential of glass). There are four workstations available to rent in the hot glass studio, with the largest glory hole having a 24-inch width opening, and the smallest measuring 16 inches.

The GoggleWorks art center has an amazingly diverse base of studios, including a complete wood shop, jewelry studio, and ceramics studio with a brand new Bailey gas kiln, 11 pottery wheels, slip casting equipment and a raw materials lab. They offer dark room access for photography, and in digital media they will be offering access to a Mac lab (still being completed), for prints, photography and motion pictures...

In addition to classes and public access to these shops, The GoggleWorks also offers individual studio space to 34 artists in varying media, office space to 25 arts organizations, and 5 art galleries.

The GoggleWorks State of the art Facilities have the potential to be a national draw for artists in all media, but Pennsylvania has been known for outstanding glass art for quite some time. They are excited to contribute to, and be a resource for the inspiring local glass community, by expanding the variety of Artists, shows and workshop opportunities available.
Recommended by Mark Wilson. This Yahoo Group was created in September 2001, but it really became active in August 2003, and has had as many 450 messages per month. Here is the description of this Yahoo Group:

"Glassblowing_topics is a free discussion group about glassblowing and related topics. Please feel free to join in the discussion, post photos and bookmarks on appropriate glass related topics. Because this group is free, there are pop up ads, and the software is a bit difficult to use at first. To view messages in thread format, first click on the messages link in the left frame, then click on the threads link on the top of the message frame. When responding to a post, please enter your message BEFORE the old message, and DELETE any extra text to make the messages more readable. And, please post your NAME in the message." is a wonderful resource for beautiful art glass.

THE GUILD presents The Artful Home: beautiful furnishings and decorating accents direct from hundreds of American artists. Studio furniture, lamps and lighting, glass vases and other art glass pieces, original oil paintings, fine art prints... and unique gifts of jewelry and art, for life's most special occasions.

If you are a glassblowing student, and can not afford to purchase these pieces, you may find that there are a number of ideas and inspiration you can get from looking at the beautiful art glass they offer from some of the best glassblowers in the world.

For example, you can find Anthony Biancaniello (Reevolution Glass Studio) "Fruit Series" here. Brad Shute's website devoted to sharing information about handmade glass, glassblowing, lampworking, and glassmaking.
Harrisburg Area Community College Millennium Glass Portal is a sculpture featuring 2,000 glass suncatchers, suspended from a steel frame pyramid.

View the Process of creating the MILLENNIUM GLASS PORTAL:
Step 1: Site Survey
Step 2: Definition of Design
Step 3: Local Resources
Step 4: Finalizing the Design
Step 5: Additional Local Resources
Step 6: Visualizing the Design
Step 7: The Structure
Step 8: The Glass
Step 9: The Objects
Step 10: The Final Work
Step 11: The Installation
Step 12: The Finished Piece HAWT is an acronym for "Hot Artists with a Thirst". Here is an explanation of the HAWT organization:
Due in part to the great success and camaraderie experienced by those who attended the Red Deer GAAC Conferences in 2000, and, as well, to the growing number of glass artists across the Prairies, it became apparent to some of us that an organization dedicated to glass artists working in this area would be greatly beneficial, not to mention fun. For several months (if not years) this idea has been casually tossed around, and Suki Ikeda, Susan Gottselig and Lisa Cerny finally decided to stop mulling and seriously look at the possibility of forming a very informal glass association. We sent out the seeds of our initial efforts and discussions in the hopes that we would be able to see the growth of a healthy organization. Our first year of existence proved more fruitful than we could have imagined. We have had two group shows, one in the spring of 2002 at the Avens Gallery in Canmore, and another at the Alberta Craft Council in Edmonton. Along with this we have had several social gatherings, a few slide presentations, we are very close to having a permanent presence on the web, and we have succeeded in bringing together a wonderful group of artists from various glass communities.
Galleries is an internationally recognized gallery representing leading contemporary glass artists.

Among their world renowned glass artists are Dale Chihuly, Lino Tagliapietra, William Morris, Christopher Ries, Dante Marioni, Kreg Kallenberger, Steven Weinberg and Marvin Lipofsky.

Holsten Galleries was established in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, in 1978 and was one of the first studio glass galleries in the U.S. The gallery is open seven days a week, year round. Each of their artists has glass sculpture in the gallery on an ongoing basis. Our glass artists are listed on the "Artists" page and most of them have images on this site. Images of other available pieces can be e-mailed upon request. Many of their glass artists, including Dale Chihuly and Tom Patti, can be commissioned to create glass sculpture for private, corporate or public art collections.

As an online glass gallery, they invite you to explore their site and view the glass art of some of the world's most creative and talented artists. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of the glass sculptures you see here. Here is a quote from their website: "Hot Glass Color & Supply offer the highest quality colors and tools available to the glass artist - at the very best prices. Hot Glass Color & Supply has a special partnership with Kugler-Colors® and we have a large inventory of their glass blowing colors ready to ship today. We specialize in Kugler Colors® and are proud to offer the full spectrum of their colors in bar, frit and powder form. We also offer glassblowing tools and supplies from Cutting Edge products. Our professional staff is available to sharpen or repair any of your glass blowing tools."
Hub Glass offers reliable, time-tested, practical and innovative solutions to the off hand glass making industry. Their extensive experience in equipment design and operation enables them to help you find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your glass shop needs. Hub Glass offers the following products: Furnaces, Glory Holes, Combustion Control, Combustion Parts, Annealing Ovens, Pipe Warmers, Garages, Refractory & Crucibles, Blowpipes, Punties, Wemswel Furniture Equipment & Tools, Torches, Heat Protection, GOTT Steamer, and Classes (in collaboration with the Vermont State Craft Association). "Our Mission: To facilitate communication among glass artists, to encourage education and promote excellence in the glass arts." There are several fascinating facts which can be learned from this web page:

"Common glass is mostly amorphous silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is the same chemical compound as quartz, or in its polycrystalline form, sand. Pure silica has a melting point of about 2000 Celsius, so two other substances are always added to the sand in the glass-making process. One is soda (sodium carbonate Na2CO3), or potash, the equivalent potassium compound, which lowers the melting point to about 1000 Celsius. However, the soda makes the glass soluble, which is obviously unhelpful, so lime (calcium oxide, CaO) is the third component, added to restore insolubility."

"The word glass, Latin glacis (ice) German Glas, M.E. glas, A.S. glaes was also used by the Aesti-Old Prussians. They used the word glaes to describe amber, recorded by Roman historians as glaesum. Angle-Saxons used the word glaer for amber. Another German word for amber, Bernstein (English translation : burning stone), came into use because of its transparency as glass, to shine (glare) and its ability to melt."

I actually have a 2,000 page Latin dictionary and it does have the following listings:
glacies: "ice" No doubt "glacier" derives from this!
glacio: "to make or turn into ice", "to freeze or congeal".
glaesum: "amber" (from the German word for "glimmer")
Hand blown studio glass creating decorative and functional free blown glass vessels of all shapes and sizes. Sited along the famed and beautiful Undercliff on the south facing coast of the Isle of Wight. One-off designs, collections, corporate and commisions are produced and designed at the studio by International glassmaker Timothy Harris. Founded in 1973 by International Glassmaker Michael Harris, Isle of Wight Studio Glass is readily recognised for the highly imaginative and original approach used in developing this magical material. Oustanding skill in design, in exploring new techniques and manufacturing has enabled Isle of Wight Studio Glass to become the leader in this field.

Check out their web page describing, with photos, the step-by-step process of creating one of their pieces of beautiful art glass! 

Jeremie Draper says "Glass blowing is a form of dance". "You need ryhthm, control and passion to be graceful and confident in your steps." Jeremie started blowing glass over five years ago at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, where she earned her Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) in Glass, 2002. She draws inspiration from some of the most primitive forms from Egypt & Rome.

Currently, Jeremie is working with Hiram Toraason at Toraason Glass Works, 208 Morton st., Peoria IL. Currently her work can be viewed at the Peoria Riverfront Market on Water st. and in various galleries in IL and OR. For more information please call 309-495-0919 or e-mail "Home of the famous Giberson Ceramic Burner Head (US Patent 3,697,000) and provider of the highest quality kiln elements and accessories. We provide useful glass information, including the well read and respected book, authored by Dudley Giberson, A Glassblower's Companion (now in its third printing). This text and its predecessor, The Joppa Glassworks Catalog of Fact and Knowledge, has helped many a good glassblower to successfully build his/her own hot shop. Please peruse these pages and enjoy." Site offers thousands of glass pieces, in many categories including Art Glass, Carnival Glass, Collectible 40-50-60's Glass, Contemporary, Glass Crystal, Custard Glass, Depression Glass, Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG), Elegant Depression Glass, Fenton, Fire-King, Kitchen Glass, Lamps and Lighting, Milk Glass, Misc. Glass, Vaseline Glass, Paperweights, New Glass, Crackle Glass, Overshot Glass, and Glass Books. Amazing "composite" paperweights, with a great "Studio Tour" page. Peter Layton's London Glassblowing Workshop has an interactive web page which allows you to identify the various pieces of equipment in a "hot shop".
p.s. Be sure to enable popups in your web browser...
Louisville Glassworks is a unique five-generation family-owned glass business dating all the way back to 1896!

Louisville Glassworks opened in 2001, and was born from the Architectural Glass studio.
Architectural Glass Art is one of the oldest American glass studios in continuous operation,
and has become internationally recognized for its innovative development and application of new technologies.
Louisville Glassworks is unique in its many different strengths including: Dan Marder has a new studio offering glassblowing classes, flameworking classes, one-on-one private glassblowing lessons, as well as hot shop rentals. Rentals are $450 for 8-hour period (1 bench up to 150 lb. glass) or $800 a day for 8-hour period (both benches and 300 lb. glass). The Mayne Island Glass Foundry is the Glassblowing Studio of Mark Lauckner and a Small-Scale Glass Recycling Business (in Canada).

The Mayne Island Glass Foundry is dedicated to the process of making environmentally friendly glass art and designing super energy-efficient studio glass equipment.

See especially Fused Mosaic Glass (Venitian Style)

Mark also offers a series of instructional videos, including

  • "Bead Kiln video"
  • "40-Pound Electric Furnace videos"
  • "Surface-Mix Bead Torch video"
  • "15-Pound Electric Furnace videos" Josh Simpson
Melissa Misoda - Glass Artist James Mongrain Glass Studio website, recommended by Walter Lieberman.
See a VERY impressive photograph on his website
-- or -- the webpage that contains that photo.
The Museum of Glass is located at
1801 E. Dock Street
Tacoma, Washington 98406

Take a look at these very educational web pages that Ed Schmid has created.

Museum Of Glass
Interactive Demo of Glassblowing!!!
This is a wonderful introduction for beginners to the many steps of the glassblowing process, and you don't even have to worry about getting burned! (but you do have to worry about your piece getting too cold and cracking!) You make your own Macchia (spotted and flopped piece with lip wrap)
Glass Act is Dr. Ross Neder's glass studio which is all about artful elegant glass blowing. Not simple glass, but large scale vibrant, "look at me" glass. Glass art that is hand blown solely and purposely to fill large spaces with rich and full color. Ross Neder creates high quality wall mounted glass platters (both single pieces and sets), hand-blown centerpieces, stunning suspended lighting, and elegant halogen torchieres. With extensive knowledge of glass blowing colors and design, they can create custom installations to match the ambiance and space requirements that you specify. Glass Act is always interested in large scale sculptural commissions.

The following links may be of particular interest to the glassblowing student:

My favorite video on this site is Spining out and shaping a lamp head Found this link from Mark Wilson's website. NJM is an acronym for "Not Just Mud". "NJM Gallery features a stunning collection of museum quality, contemporary art glass by many of the best glassblowers the USA has to offer. Browse our current selection of art glass from over 100 amazing glass artists. This site is the online catalog for our glass gallery featuring images of our actual glass selection --- NOT sample images (unless noted) like on other gallery's websites. The glass art we sell is from individual artists and small independent studios. Mastering glass blowing requires years of dedicated practice, talent, creativity and stamina! Each glass vessel, paperweight, bottle or sculpture is truly a work of art to be treasured for a lifetime."
Glass drinking glasses have been around for two thousand years, and you can see them in a museum. Or... The Northener sells fascinating (and reasonably priced replicas of historical glassware). Reproduction of glass from the European history:
  • AD 500-1050: The Iron Age included historical ages such as the Roman and Frankish Empire and Viking Age.
  • Medieval Period: Middle Age inspired glasses, used by farmers, soldiers, preasts, kings and queens for 500-950 years ago.
  • AD 1500-1700: Included ages such as the colonial times, the Napoleon Empire, the French and the Russian Revolution.
Handmade glass with a touch of European history. It all include the German, Dutch, French, Russian, Czech, British, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian Old World history glass collection. The glasswork is one of the best of its kind in the world. It has customers with high reputation such as a number of different Museums.

The glass shown in the image on the left is described as:

  • Iron Age Trunk Goblet with Double Rows (AD 500, England, Norway)
  • Replica of glass found during the archeological excavations in Castle Eden (England) and Borre (Norway).
  • Volume: 1.7 cups (40 cl).
  • This glass is produced by hand with the same techniques they used for almost 1500 years ago, which means that the size and thickness of the glasses may vary slightly.
  • The color of the glass may also vary as well as the number of small bubbles inside the glass.  
Northwest Iron Works strives to be the best manufacturer of standard and custom glass-working equipment, using the best materials, and building equipment to last a lifetime. From large furnaces to small hand tools, they make it all -- including benches, burners, custom refractory molds, flameworking tools, foundry, garages, glory holes, heat resistant clothing, heat shields, hot shop tools, machines, marvering tables, pipe warmers, refractory repair service, refractory supplies, and yoke rollers. New website features online ordering. Also check out their glassblowing page
Doug Ohm makes the full range of equipment for the Hot Shop including:
  • Furnaces
  • Glory Holes
  • Annealers
  • Kilns
  • Garage & Pipe Warmers
  • Benches
  • Marvers
  • Heat Shields
  • Yolks
  • Control Components
  • Safety Systems Paul Stankard. Amazing paperweights!

Pittsburgh Glass Center, the first open and comprehensive glass art studio in Southwestern PA, is a non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching, creating and promoting glass art. Offers classes in "hot glass" glassblowing, flameworking, flat (stained) glass, and cold glass.

See the 14 videos I took while renting time at PGC

Hot Shop - 2,560 square feet includes:

  • Two - 975 lb furnaces
  • Eight - Glory holes all with pneumatic doors ranging in diameter from 17. to 29.
  • All eight benches are equipped with compressed air, Nortel multi mix oxy-natural gas hand torches and propane Exact torches.
  • The shop has a portable garage to accommodate any bench.
  • A wide range of Carlo Dona, Jim Moore, and Cutting Edge hand tools

Pittsburgh Glass Center
5472 Penn Avenue (click for Mapquest)
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Phone: 412-365-2145
Fax: 412-365-2140
Email: The works of Rebecca Zhukov have been shown in galleries and gift shops across the United States and abroad including The American Craft Museum, San Francisco MOMA, The Museum of American Folk Art, The Detroit Institute of Art and many others. She also has a piece in the Renwick Gallery at The Smithsonian Museum and a piece belonging to a permanent collection at the White House.Noted NYC Architect, David Rockwell has commissioned Rebecca's work as well as The Woodstock Film Festival in which an award was designed to present to Elmer Bernstein. All of Rebecca's pieces are one-of-a-kind and use recycled glass. From small glass heart paperweights to large figurative sculptures and commissions, Rebecca's art glass is unique and affordable. All work is signed and dated by the artist. Take this opportunity to add to your collection, or just purchase a beautiful gift. A not-for-profit center for glass art in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering glassblowing classes, casting, and flameworking (also known as "lamp work" or "torch work"), as well as studio rentals. Interesting site showcasing handmade beads as well as jewelry featuring kiln-annealed lampwork beads, liquid sterling silver, Bali silver, and sterling silver findings.

Ruben Romero's glass sculpture investigates the physicality of the immaterial. Ruben Romero explores the tangibility of space, light, and sound through artistic glass blowing. He invites the viewer to visually accept space, light, and sound as they would any other tactile body. "Once we can engage the intangible like we engage wood, metal, or stone, we start to understand the creative process of God."

Ruben Romero received a BFA in glass at Temple-Tyler School of Art and an MFA in sculpture from the University of the Arts. He currently runs the glass program at Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania. Daniel N. Marder is a sculptor currently recreating the sculpture and 3-D area at Salisbury University, Salisbury MD.
Be sure to check out his "10 Commandments" for his glassblowing class Art 371-001 Intermediate to advanced glass working
See also these great photos here! Simple Syrup Glass Studio: "The 1400 square foot hot shop has three benches, three glory holes (two with reduction pedals), front loading annealers, a garage, a pick up box, and a 350 lb. pot furnace. A top loading annealer is also available for kiln casting projects.

The 700 square foot cold shop is equipped with a vertical belt sander, diamond flat wheel, circular saw, Merker lathe, sandblaster, chemical etching bath, flex shaft, and three reciprolaps.

Experienced glass blowers may rent the studio for half day, full day, or evening hours. Blow slots are scheduled in 4-hour blocks:

Half Day Slots: 9am -1pm, 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Full Day Slot: 9am - 5:30pm (includes a half hour lunch break)
Evening Slot: 6pm -10pm

The 700 square foot cold shop is equipped with a vertical belt sander, diamond flat wheel, circular saw, Merker lathe, sandblaster, chemical etching bath, flex shaft, and three reciprolaps.

Experienced glass blowers may rent the studio for half day, full day, or evening hours. Blow slots are scheduled in 4-hour blocks:

Half Day Slots: 9am -1pm, 1:30pm - 5:30pm
Full Day Slot: 9am - 5:30pm (includes a half hour lunch break)
Evening Slot: 6pm -10pm

Small Glory Hole (12 inch) $35 per hour
Large Glory Hole (20 inch) $45 per hour

Additional costs apply to rental for tools, blocks, pipes, and extra equipment.

The cold shop is available for rent in 1-hour blocks to those with cold working experience.

Simple Syrup currently offers several glass classes and workshops to introduce beginners to traditional techniques. The classes currently being offered include: a six week Introduction to Glass Blowing, a one day Glass Paperweight Workshop, a two day Glass Blowing Workshop, a six week Introduction to Kiln Casting, and a two day Kiln Casting Workshop." Large Glass Glossary "glassary" available A -to- Z. The main part of their website is here.
Welcome to the official website of Snow Farm - The New England Craft Program, in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. On our beautiful 50 acre farm nestled in the Berkshire foothills, we run a wide range of craft programs for teens and adults of all ages. We feature workshops on glass blowing, flameworking, welded sculpture, ceramics, metalsmithing, fiber arts, woodworking, photography, painting and much more. Click here for information on one of their "hot glass" glassblowing classes.

I am a huge fan of the Spectrum 96 products, which allow the "hot glass" artist to achieve "stained glass" effects in their pieces. "Spectrum offers a broad line of specially formulated "Tested Compatible" glass for the Hot-Glass arts. These products have been Expansion-Matched to a nominal C.O.E. of 96, then factory-tested for fusing compatibility. Each glass has been carefully formulated for Multi-Fire devit resistance, and every sheet is clearly marked with a Spectrum "Tested Compatible" label. Though they may look the same as our stained glass products, Spectrum "Tested Compatible" glasses are fundamentally different in their basic chemistries, designed to deliver an excellent working range and superior stability for glass fusing, slumping and other Hot-Glass pursuits."

C&R Loo sells the Spectrum 96 sheets by the square foot for between US$4.50 and US$7.70 per square foot. The following section is from Spectrum Glass's "Basics" page

I have a lot more information, including all the colors, on my page here.
I design my glass-melting furnaces around Molybdenum Disilicide heating elements.
These types of elements offer extremely long life, because they're rated to operating temperatures of more than twice what is used in the glass studio.
They also produce their own protective, glassy coating that helps shield them from the harsh process of melting batch.
Molybdenum Disilicide elements offer glassblowers a reliable way to melt batch, cullet, or home-made colors day after day.
I manufacture these furnaces as turnkey units, and financing is available.
Transformers are custom wound, so a furnace can be configured to your power type.
I only use the highest grade of industrial controls from Watlow.
Replacement Moly elements, castings, and other components are available for sale.
I perform installation, setup, and testing at the customer's expense.
I also custom build other types of equipment for the glass studio: glory holes, annealers, pick-up boxes, garages, pipes warmers, and more. Steinert Industries manufactures high quality tools for glassblowers and lampworkers including blowpipes, punty rods, gathering rods, vacuum plates, optic molds, bead molds, polishers, grinders and other glassblowing tools.

St. Louis Missouri "Third Degree Glass Factory" offers several glassblowing classes
  • Glass I
  • Glass II
  • Advanced Classes, and
  • Weekend Workshops
as well as offering open studio time and rentals (at $35/hour - $45/hour depending on gloryhole size, with discounts if you purchase a larger block of time in advance). They have a 300 pound crucible furnace and four gloryholes.

Particularly noteworthy is their "General Information" document at STLsyllabus1.htm Although Dexter and Trinkley have each exhibited internationally they wanted to create a unique line of work separate from their own styles. The result...colorful dynamic forms and superlative craftmanship in one of a kind and limited editions of hand blown glass. Taylor Backes Gallery represents a wide variety of fine American crafts and art including wood, clay, metal, fibers, jewelry, paintings and other various interesting items from throughout the United States. Dexter/Trinkley and Taylor Backes maintain studio galleries and a showroom in Boyertown, PA."

Once you've made some nice glass art, you might need some packaging, whether you sell your art, or just give it away to friends and family. There are many different types of packaging you might want to consider:
In this article Terrill Waldman "moves about in her studio as if choreographed" which is semantically similar to my "ballet of glassblowing". Her pieces feature the rich use of color. One image from the article is shown on the right -- view the other seven images from the article: Tyler School of Art
Jon F. Clark, Professor, Head of Glass Department
Temple University
7725 Penrose Avenue (click for Mapquest)
Elkins Park, PA 19027
Phone: 215-782-2828

Information about the BFA (Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts) in Glass can be found here.

Information about the MFA (Masters Degree in Fine Arts) in Glass can be found here.
Matthew Buechner has been making hand blown glass since 1981, and sells a wide range of beautiful glass pieces through his website.

What intrigued me the most is his "make your own" glassblowing lessons web page which lists:

  • $25 - Make an ornament! (approx. 10-15 minute lesson) (that is yours to keep!) with lots of help from a skilled glassblower!
  • $45 - Make a paperweight! (approx. 20-30 minute lesson) (that is yours to keep!) with lots of help from a skilled glassblower!
  • $90 - Make a Vase! (approx. 30-40 minute lesson) (that is yours to keep!) with lots of help from a skilled glassblower!

and offers the following useful "what to wear" information for the prospective student:

  • Long cotton pants such as jeans or khakis & a cotton T-shirt - no fleece, polyester, or synthetics. Bring a long sleeve cotton shirt that you can put on over your t-shirt.
  • Sneakers & socks (no open footwear).
  • Sunglasses if you have them.
  • Long hair needs to be tied back.
  • Bring a camera! The University of the Arts became home to Philadelphia's first glass blowing art studio when construction of its glass blowing studio was completed and put into operation in 1967. As a result, UArts can proudly count itself among the small group of pioneers of the American studio glass movement.

University of the Arts
Crafts Department - Glass
320 South Broad Street (click for Mapquest)
Philadelphia, PA 19102
Phone: 215-875-1050
Fax: 215-875-2238
Widely acknowledged as a major world center for studio glass, Seattle has perhaps more glass artists and individual glass studios than anywhere in the world.

Vetri was conceived as an opportunity to present this remarkable resource to a broad audience.

The mission of Vetri is to offer innovative work of the highest caliber, in an attractive setting at accessible prices. Read Wes Hunting's wonderful assessment of glassblowing:

Glass Blowing

Three of the four elements of nature are shared by all creatures, but fire was a gift to humans alone. Blowing glass is as intimate as one can become with fire. To blow glass is to perform a version of the fire dance, a ritual as ancient as lightning.

The glassblower is no mere pyromaniac. To work this close to the fire is no thrill, rather, a tenuous partnership that arises from years of experience and the quest for a translucent form of perfection. Early glass was formed when fires burned hot on the beaches occupied by primitive man, melting the sand below.

Today's glass master uses high tech furnaces and annealers, but the actual forming of the objects has not changed in over a thousand years. With nothing more than layers of wet paper, at times, between the molten glass and the hand of the glassblower, the artist's relationship with the fire is an adrenal experience unlike any other art form.

Wes Hunting is an embodiment of Prometheus, stealing fire from the Gods, capturing the power of the Sun, harnessing Hell, and bringing it to tangible objects of pure light and beauty. The link on the left is is Wet Canvas's Glass Art Technical Forum.

Here are some of the more than 7,000 Glass Art Technical Forum discussions:

To quote from their "Who Are We" page:

"WetCanvas! is an effort to bring information relevant to today's artist to an online format. It is part magazine, part virtual classroom, and part reference site. More importantly, it is all about community. We are currently the largest community site on the Internet with a specific focus on the practicing visual artist. This site concentrates on providing the following services to our visitors and members: * A virtual community where artists can share ideas, critiques, and other information
* Tools for managing and promoting virtual/online galleries of work
* A complete array of art lessons and tutorials for all levels of artists
* Product comparison and research information for art supplies and services
* Our award winning content selection has helped thousands of artists, aspiring and otherwise, to achieve their goals and broaden their horizons."

Other more general Wet Canvas Glass Art forums can be found here. Glassblowers (of all types) now have their own Radio Show, hosted by Dale Smeltzer. See also (above).
When you have a website organizing over 10,000 internal links, you really need a program to help you find broken links. Xenu's Link Sleuth does that -- plus also generates the site map for Xenu Link Sleuth is FREE! And when I read Tilman Hausherr's story about the origin of the program, I knew it was for me:
My philosophy on software development has always been "smaller, simpler, cheaper", long before the NASA realized this (in May 2002 I was told that the actual NASA philosophy was Faster, Better, Cheaper - oops!) Because of that, I need no fancy (but totally useless) graphics like in WebAnalyzer. Just results. And they'd better be 100% correct or I'd have to kill myself :-)


Template Paper and Template Film:
  • Red Waxed Template Paper
  • Optical Super White Template Paper
  • Manilla Template Paper
  • Optical Permanent Template Film
  • Colored Template Paper

    Non-Glassblowing Links here...

    I have used to snipe many ebay auctions for glassblowing items. places bids in the last 8 - 10 seconds before an auction ends,
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