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Louisville Glassworks

Louisville Glassworks is a unique five-generation family-owned glass business dating all the way back to 1896!

Started by Edwin Penna, then passed down to Edwin Penna, Jr., Edwin Penna, III, then to Kenneth F. vonRoenn, Jr., then to Page vonRoenn.
And two-year-old Griffin vonRoenn (who especially likes the moving glass butterflies) is the 6th generation at the studio!

Louisville Glassworks opened in 2001, and was born from the Architectural Glass studio.
Architectural Glass Art is one of the oldest American glass studios in continuous operation,
and has become internationally recognized for its innovative development and application of new technologies.
As such, the company has expanded the role of glass in architecture.
Architectural Glass Art's primary objective is the sympathetic integration of its glass work with architecture to make it more exciting,
dynamic and ultimately more meaningful for those who experience and use it.

Louisville Glassworks is unique in its many different strengths including:

Tony Patti in the Hot Shop at Louisville Glassworks

The bowl below may look cold sitting in the back of the annealer, but it is over 900 degrees F right now!

Views from the Gallery Overlooking the Hot Shop

(Glass Windows separating from the heat of the hot shop)

Inside the Hot Shop

Architectural Glass at Louisville Glassworks

Yes, even some of the floors are made of glass!

Gallary (Gift Shop) at Louisville Glassworks

Chad Balster working in the Hot Shop making Ornments

Chad shows me how to use an office-supply binder-clip to secure a blowhose to a shirt!

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Lampworking (Torchwork) at Louisville Glassworks

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