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Michael Owens - Owens Bottle Machine Company - Glass History - Books

Michael Owens And the Glass Industry
Author: Quentin R., Jr. Skrabec; Buy New: $22.76

Book Description

Before the bottle was filled, it had to be made. Prior to the automated machines invented by Michael Owens, child labor was the backbone in producing inconsistent and unsanitary containers for foods, beverages, and medicines. In this biography of the unassuming visionary, artist, and craftsman, Skrabec's historical account of glass making sets the stage for the revolutionary inventions of Michael Owens, a big-picture, true-to-life Horatio Alger character. His automated inventions were vital to electric lighting, food and beverage packaging, advanced optics, and automotive safety. The reduction of child labor was a direct and significant outcome of his inventions. With nine companies and forty-nine patents bearing his name, Michael J. Owens ultimately became known as the father of project management. This is an engaging account of this unpretentious, resourceful, colorful, and dynamic industrialist and inventor.


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