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New England Glass Books

0690580754 New England glass and glassmaking
Author: Kenneth M Wilson;
0933756267 The Art of the Paperweight:
The Boston & Sandwich and New England Glass Companies (Hardcover)

Author: John D. Hawley; Buy New: $65.00
B0006EFYQU The New England Glass Company, 1818-1888
Author: Millard F Rogers;
B000883M7C American antiques of New England origin
Author: Frederick Wellington Ayer;
Author: Otto (foreword by) Wittmann, B&W ill...;
B0006YBSVA The New England Glassworks, Temple, New Hampshire, 1780-1782
Author: David R Starbuck;
B000OKCL3K Stained Glass Before 1700 In American Collections
Author: National Gallery;
B0006WVWJA Medieval and Renaissance stained glass from New England collections
Author: Madeline Harrison Caviness;
B0006BP6CA Mortality of New England dentists, 1921-1960
Author: Robert Louis Glass;
B000QXPZHY New England Glass & Glassmaking
Author: Kenneth M. Wilson;
0894680781 Stained Glass before 1700 in American Collections
Author: Madeline H. Caviness, Jane Hayward, ...;
B000J5IFQW Stained Glass before 1700 in American Collections
Author: Madeline Harrison (Editor) Caviness...;
B0007E477Q Glass in New England
Author: Kenneth M Wilson;
B000882CP0 Early American glass from the McKearin collection
Author: George S McKearin;
B000IZB3ZS Cambridge Glass
Author: Lura Woodside Watkins;
B000NX3Y84 Glass in New England
Author: Kenneth M. Wilson;
B0007FI8PM Glass gathering by a New England school Ma'am
Author: Lillian G Pattinson;
B000KSYGU2 The New England Glass Company 1818-1888
Author: Toledo Museum of Art, Illustrated by...;
B000MMINO6 Cambridge Glass 1818 to 1888 The Story Of The New En...
Author: Lura Woodside Watkins;
B000867G4Y Cambridge glass, 1818 to 1888;
Author: Lura Woodside Watkins;
B0006YIC4Q The New England Glassworks
Author: David R Starbuck;

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