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Company/School Name: Cody Nicely, LLCMajor Classification: Hot Shop (Furnace Glassblowing)
Contact Person Name: Cody F. Nicely
Address Line 1: 436 Bayshore Dr. 3B
Address Line 2:
City: Columbus
State: OH
Zip: 43204
Country: USA
Phone: 865.385.9634
Additional Information:
Cody Nicely’s fascination with glass began with a teenage visit to the glassblowing Mecca of Murano, Italy.
The master placed a pair of tweezers in his hands and guided him in his first creation.
The interaction between form and substance captured Cody’s imagination and sparked a passion.
That passion was ignited again during college.
During this early period, exposure and involvement with accomplished glass artists allowed Cody’s skills to develop exponentially.
The movement and color of marine life fascinates Cody and provides the inspiration for his work.
Whether abstract or realistic, Cody starts with the shape and motion of his subject and interprets its beauty into the molten glass; adding color or deep carving if the subject demands.
Each unique piece is an interpretation of how nature acts and reacts to its environment.
Today, Cody’s work is featured in galleries nationwide and his goal is to allow his work to expand and multiply so others may enjoy his interpretation of aquatic life.
Each piece is hand blown, hot sculpted and one of a kind. No two sculptures will ever be the same.
Cody continually challenges his skills when creating new and unique interpretations of sea forms.
However, he does not limit himself to just aquatic life and is always adding other forms to his repertoire, hoping to never stop evolving. Glass blowing is Cody’s passion.


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