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Company/School Name: Glass Art Center of the ArcticMajor Classification: Hot Shop (Furnace Glassblowing)
Contact Person Name: Pete Lanigan
Offers PUBLIC Classes
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
City: Fairbanks
Furnace Capacity (Pounds of Glass): 400
Number of Benches: 0
State: AK
Zip: 99701
Country: USA
Phone: 907-457-3743
Additional Information:
A non-profit organization Providing Alaskans with unique, educational and cultural opportunities related to glass art.
Glass Art Center of the Arctic (G.A.C.A.) is located on 13 acres in the Goldstream valley, 10 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. We are currently building a new studio to start up programs again.
Fairbanks is in need of programs for the youth. Alaska has the highest alcohol and drug abuse problems and our children are at risk.
Fairbanks is a creative community, but there are not enough opportunities available for the children. The youth is rebelling out of boredom. This is where we want to catch them and give them direction.
Goals: G.A.C.A. teaches teens the art of glass making, and through the that teaching, create projects of public art.
As students become proficient in producing the shapes needed for each project, the pieces generated during the learning process are used to fund G.A.C.A.
Through the fund raising there is also a cash incentive program so the students are able to earn money.
The learning and creative processes are documented with photos and film, which is used as additional fund raising for the school.
G.A.C.A. will eventually be run by the students who fulfill their 3-year apprenticeship program.
We wish to raise the funds necessary to build a 30 x 30 metal shop with cement floors for the students.
his studio will have a 400 lb. day tank, gas fired and electric annealer and a gas fired glory hole.
Public Art As the students' skills are refined and the shapes needed are produced, we make projects that are installed in public places such as the Breast Cancer Society, hospitals, libraries, etc.
The better the students get at creating these peices, the more exposure we get. As people become more aware of the importance of public art, the closer we are to our goals.


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