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Company/School Name: Glasscraft, Inc.Major Classification: Torchwork/Lampworking
Major Classification: Consultant
Contact Person Name:
Offers PUBLIC Classes
Address Line 1: 411 Violet Street
Address Line 2:
City: Golden
State: CO
Zip: 80401
Country: USA
Phone: (888) 272-3830
Year Founded: 1970
Additional Information:
One of the leading suppliers of glass working supplies and equipment, including borosilicate and soft glass, color, tools, and equipment.
We have warehouses in Eugene, Oregon, and Golden, Colorado, and support the local glass communities in both areas through classes and sponsorships.
Our Golden, Colorado location is home to one of the country's top glassblowing educational facilities.
Our Studio was built with the student in mind focusing on safety, cleanliness and accessibility.
Classes are held frequently focusing on everything from introductory to the most advanced workshops on the market.
Studio Rental is available Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm when there are no classes or other events in progress.
Studio rental include use of one torch, studio tools, oxygen, fuel and kiln.


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