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Company/School Name: GlassRootsMajor Classification: Hot Shop (Furnace Glassblowing)
Major Classification: Torchwork/Lampworking
Major Classification: Fusing/Slumping
Contact Person Name:
Offers PUBLIC Classes
Offers PRIVATE Classes
Address Line 1: 10 Bleeker Street
Address Line 2:
City: Newark
Furnace Capacity (Pounds of Glass): 250
Number of Benches: 0
State: NJ
Number of Gloryholes: 2
Number of Annealers: 4
Zip: 07102
Number of Fusing/Slumping Kilns: 0
Number of Torches: 12
Torch Types:
Country: USA
Invite Public to Watch Work/Classes
Phone: 973-353-5961
Fax: 973-353-1011
Additional Information:
GlassRoots, Inc. is an organization that provides artistic and life skills training to Newark area youth through workshops in glassmaking, graphic design, and basic business and entrepreneurial concepts.
Based on the idea that through the arts a young person can gain an invaluable sense of personal well-being that will have a life - long impact,
GlassRoots is unique in its focus - both on building the skills necessary to create beautiful objects, and reinforcing that foundation with solid business training that allows youngsters to bring these objects into the marketplace.
Workshops for teens are held weekdays after school and Saturdays. Open Studio Sessions are also available on Saturdays.
The heart of the GlassRoots program consists of introducing new creative media into the lives of young people who, upon mastering specific skills, use these media for creative self-expression.
It is a joy to witness the pleasure and new formed self-esteem evident on a young artist's face upon creating the perfect piece of glass art, the most expressive poster, or the most luminous tile.
The creative process and the planning of the projects are almost as important as the outcomes.
We have 2 small anneler kilns, 2 medium annealer kilns, 1 large casting kiln, 1 furnace holds up to 250 pounds of glass and 2 glory hole 17 each.
We have 12 torches for flameworking.

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