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Company/School Name: Incline Glass
Contact Person Name: Jeremy Cline
Address Line 1: 768 Delano Avenue
Address Line 2:
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Zip: 94112
Country: USA
Phone: 415-469-8312
Additional Information:
Jeremy Cline's glasswork reflects his love for the medium, his fine craftsmanship and an ongoing endeavor to better his working processes.
He started working with glass in 1987 at Santa Monica College, then furthered his education at the California College of Arts and Crafts and Pilchuck Glass School.
In 1991 he apprenticed with Pino Signoretto, Master Glass Artist, in Murano, Italy.
This experience was a turning point in Jeremy's career, whereby he heightened his level of proficiency in Venetian glass techniques and achieved a comprehensive understanding of the Artist-Designer relationship.
After his return from Italy, Jeremy opened his studio, Incline Glass, in 1992. Jeremy's personal work examines the vessel as an art form, taking cues from the glass itself, as well as from antiquity and contemporary sources.
Besides creating his own unique work, Jeremy uses his facility to produce various pieces for other artists and designers, including custom lampshades for the lighting industry, and work as diverse as Venetian style stemware to solid sculpture to prot
Jeremy continues to expand his abilities, techniques and methodology in pursuit of excellence in glass.


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