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Company/School Name: Molten Design
Contact Person Name: Tim ONiell
Address Line 1: 3213 W. Wheeler St. #268
Address Line 2:
City: Seattle
State: WA
Zip: 98199
Country: USA
Phone: 206-284-5098
Email: none@none
Website: www,
Additional Information:
While most people are somewhat aware of glass blowing, fewer are familiar with hot cast or kiln formed glass.
I create hot cast glass and kiln formed glass art, usually using metal molds.
My work begins with the mold, or negative.
Its form will give birth to the piece, and it must both intrigue and please the eye.
I like imagining the mold. Once I've got it down on my pocket note pad, it moves to my sketchbook for further detail and revision, then into my metal shop for forming and proportioning.
I'm interested in the interplay of metal and glass, metal comprising the mold, containing the heat of creation; glass, once shaped by the metal, often relying on metal again in the form of the stand that supports the finished sculpture.
A boat builder uses the term "fair", as in "fair curve", which means pleasing to the eye. I apply that standard to my forms and shapes.
Even before I became involved in art, it was important to me that anything I made be fair-experientially and visually stimulating.
I've always felt that, no matter how ordinary an object is, it should enrich your experience by capturing your imagination.

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