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Company/School Name: SCHOTT
Contact Person Name: Advanced Optics
Address Line 1: 400 York Avenue
Address Line 2:
City: Duryea
State: PA
Zip: 18642
Country: USA
Phone: 570-457-7485
Fax: 570-457-6960
Additional Information:
"Glass Made of Ideas"
SCHOTT has been a worldwide leading manufacturer of optical glass for over 115 years. Otto Schott laid its foundation through development of optical glasses with completely new optical characteristics.
Our broad product portfolio of today is a result of continous research, implementation of new materials and latest technologies for optical glass processing.
Our Products include: Aspherical Lenses, Calcium fluoride (Lithography), Coating, Contrast Enhancement Filters, Cylindrical Lenses,
DWDM Substrates, Fast Axis Collimation (FAC) Micro-Lenses, Fiber Rods, Fused Silica (Lithography), Glass Filters,
Grin Lenses, Instrument Glasses, Interference Filters, Laser Glass, Machined Blanks, Materials for Precision Molding,
Molded Aspherical Lenses, Mounting & Assembling, Optical Glass, Plane Parallel Substrates, Precision Gobs, Pressings, Zerodur®
Schott holds the glass records for: The Thinnest Flat Glass, The World’s Largest Hour Glass, The World’s Largest Wine Bottle, An 8-Meter Mirror, The First Glass to Leave Our Solar System, The Largest Marmalade Jar.

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