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Company/School Name: Teal Rowe Handblown GlassMajor Classification: Hot Shop (Furnace Glassblowing)
Contact Person Name: Teal Rowe
Address Line 1: 1648 Callens Rd
Address Line 2:
City: Ventura
State: CA
Zip: 93003
Country: USA
Phone: (805)639-4097
Additional Information:
Teal Rowe, embodies the pioneer spirit of the early glass artisans just as the work draws inspiration from them.
With a deeply ingrained work ethic that guards her against complacency no matter how successful she becomes, Rowe continues to study and learn new techniques—pushing her own boundaries, as well as those of her chosen medium.
The first gather had me hooked in 1994 at Rogue Valley College, Oregon in a workshop with Ed Broadfield out of his mobile hot shop on the trailer he pulls around the country with his Winnebago.
On a vacation in Jackson, Mississippi, I looked in the yellow pages under glass and there was "Susan Ford", the only listing.
She hired me on the spot and I packed up my life, moved to the south, where I assisted and designed in her glass blowing studio in 1997-1998.
Back to California and rented time from a hot shop for another year.
Today my own furnace is roaring in the background.
In my work I demand to stay true to the integrity of my art rather than spending too much time and effort on the commercial, which I feel so far, I am amazingly succeeding.
I have been developing and experimenting and am known for the "painterly feel" of my choices of color as well as the "sculptural" shapes in my blown glass.


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