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Company/School Name: Vicil AnayaMajor Classification: Torchwork/Lampworking
Major Classification: Fusing/Slumping
Contact Person Name: Florence Vicil
Address Line 1: 1553 San Luis Road
Address Line 2:
City: Tallahassee
State: FL
Zip: 32304
Country: USA
Phone: 3522190128
Glass Artist
Additional Information:
Jewelry, tableware, ornamentals
Florence is the artist behind all Vicil Anaya designs.
She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and that influences her designs and the name of many pieces.
Other influences come from the Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau styles, and period and old world jewelry.
Silver and glass are her media of choice because of their intrinsic value, beauty, and artistic working properties.
Florence has been a glass artist since 2010 when she found solace in a time of distress.
Vicil Anaya is a new brand of limited edition glass jewel pieces and ornamental gifts.
High quality glass jewels like ours are rare.
We only use premium art and architectural glass, gemstones, and metals.
Because of the high craftsmanship of our jewel pieces you will not find polymers of any kind (adhesives, plastics, resin) or any other inferior materials (jewelry grade epoxy might be used when pieces incorporate pearls).
We pride in our beautiful and simple designs and avoid creating pieces much like the mass produced, lower quality jewelry. image for Vicil Anaya image for Vicil Anaya

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