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The purpose of this web page, and the email list is to promote and support
the growth of the vibrant hot glass artist community in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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New Jersey has been a center of glassblowing for more than a century,
but Pennsylvania too has a growing hot glass community, and perhaps no better examples than:

This list is intended to support all levels of glassblowers: beginners, intermediate, hobbyist,
advanced, professional, hot shop studios, and in general any type of "glass addict".

This list is especially intended for the growing number of "weekend warriors" who have full-time jobs but who enjoy
glassblowing as a hobby, and would like to take more classes and be exposed to more glassblowing opportunities.

As an email list, rapid communication can be offered for free, and NO payment or membership fee is required.
In this way, this list is different than other more formal associations.

By facilitating communications via email, hot shops can announce classes, rentals, open houses, demos,
visiting guest artists, etc. to glassblowers by sending a single email to the entire list:

Tony Patti and are not financially affiliated with any local studios, and as such,
quite willing to promote any and all local studios for the benefit of the community.

Studios certainly have their own individual email lists, and they will want to continue to utilize them,
but in order to reach the largest possible population of glass artists, this list can be utilized as well.

In addition, this web page lists (below) those individuals who have subscribed,
and in addition also asked to be publicly identified as local glass artists,
for the purpose of further facilitating direct contact via email and/or phone.
This list is to facilitate the opportunity for individuals to work together, share rental time, etc.

Disclaimer: The PA-NJ mailing list is a free service based on free open source Linux software,
and is offered AS IS and WITHOUT WARRANTY of any kind, expressed or implied. By subscribing and/or
utlizing this mailing list, you agree to comply with all federal, state, and local laws, and to only
communicate information in a community-friendly way which is in keeping with the purpose and intent
of this mailing list. The list administrator reserves the right, but bears no responsibility to,
in his sole discretion, at any time or for any reason, to deny access, or suspend subscription,
or make other necessary adjustments, to this list, or any submitted or posted information.

Local Glass Artists (sorted by last name)

Name Status / Studio / Self-Described Skill Level / Etc Email
Tony Patti Glass Addict 215-778-3998
Owen Pach Studio Director, East Falls Glassworks 215-908-7924
Jon Goldberg Studio Owner, East Falls Glassworks 215-432-3635

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