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Paul Stankard Books - Paul Stankard Glass Sculptures

Glassblower.Info - Paul Stankard - No Green Berries or Leaves - Book No Green Berries or Leaves
Author: Paul J. Stankard, Virginia Eichhorn; Buy New: $39.95
Glassblower.Info - Paul Stankard - Homage to Nature Paul J. Stankard
Author: Ulysses Grant Dietz, John Bigelow Ta...; Buy New: $39.95
0971371423 SOFA New York Sculptural Objects and Functional Art
Author: Expressions of Culture-NY, Inc.;
B0006QQR6E Contemporary flameworked glass
Author: Paul J Stankard;
B000GRAFYS Paul Joseph Stankard
Author: Wheaton Museum of Glass;
B0007AX4HE Flora in glass
Author: Paul Joseph Stankard;
B0006ZXXNU Books Paul Joseph Stankard
Buy New: $25.00

Actual Paul Stankard Glass Sculpture for Sale through Amazon!

B000700QM0 Paul Stankard Blueberry Bouquet with Beetle and Mask P...
Buy New: $4,500.00
B000700QLQ Paul Stankard Daisies and Blueberries Bouquet with Hon...
Buy New: $4,500.00
B000700QGQ Paul Stankard Golden Orb Cube with Mask Sculpture
Buy New: $5,500.00
B000700QFC Paul Stankard Honeycomb Botanical Sculpture
Buy New: $15,500.00
B000700QIO Paul Stankard Magnum Bouquet Sphere Sculpture
Buy New: $8,500.00
B000700QLG Paul Stankard Pineland Flowers Bouquet with Honeybee a...
Buy New: $4,500.00
B000700QKM Paul Stankard Pineland Pickerel Weed Bouquet with Berr...
Buy New: $4,500.00
B000700QIY Paul Stankard Pineland Pickerel Weed with Mask Paperwe...
Buy New: $4,500.00

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