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Thu Feb 9 12:59:21 EST 2006

As a follow-up to Karl's email, Jeff hopes, after the Tool Talk, to pull 
cane and demonstrate RETICELLO.

This is from google:  Definitions of * RETICELLO* on the Web:

# This is a variant of the "filigrana" already known in Murano in the XVI. 
It is obtained by joining two conical vases under heat, covered 
externally with thin coloured rods, one arranged clockwise and the other 
anticlockwise. A network is thus formed with a rhomboid-like mesh. The 
rods with different thickness, within each quadrangle, cause the 
characteristic air bubble.

when the definition talks about "characteristic air bubble", the 
criss-crossed cane patterns form diamond patterns on the glass, and 
there is a tiny air bubble trapped within each diamond.
If you want to visualize this, take a look at this piece (done by Dante 
Marioni) at
which has a close-up to show the bubbles.

- Tony

Karl Carter wrote:

> Bucks County Community College would like to invite everyone to a tool 
> demonstration by Jeff Lindsay of Cutting Edge Products.
> The event will be on Presidents Day February 20^th should begin around 
> 5ish.  If you are interested in coming and need directions please let 
> me know.
> Karl Carter
> Glassblowing Instructor
> Bucks County Community College
> Studio Phone 215 504 8510
> Office Phone 215 504 8548
> http://www.bucks.edu/~glassart <http://www.bucks.edu/%7Eglassart>
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