[PA-NJ Glassblowers] Glasslight Glassblowing Workshops

Tony Patti gaffer at glassblower.info
Mon Feb 27 14:47:19 EST 2006

I am forwarding the email below for Pat Ackerman, the coordinator of the 
Glasslight workshops.
Please contact Pat at packerman at HEALTHPART.COM if you have any questions.
Glasslight's website is at http://www.glasslightstudio.com/
and photos of a prior class (and the inside of the studio) can be seen 
at http://www.glassblower.info/Glasslight18jan04/Glasslight18jan04.html
Glasslight is located at this address:


HI everyone -- we still have openings for these sessions.I am trying to 
fill this weekend's workshop. Please let me know if you're interested. 
You can email or call me on  my home phone at  610-692-6378.

Sat Mar 4
Sun Mar 5

Sun Mar 12

Sat Mar 18

Sat Mar 25
Sun Mar 26

Pat Ackerman
packerman at HEALTHPART.COM


Tony Patti
gaffer at glassblower.info

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