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Penelope Rakov prakov at GoggleWorks.org
Mon Jun 5 17:00:21 EDT 2006

Hello to the Glassblowing community!
My name is Penelope Rakov, I’m the studio manager for Glass and 
Ceramics at brand new Glass facility located in Reading Pennsylvania.  I want to let you all know about the new public access studios that are now available to you out here.  

The GoggleWorks hot, warm and cold glass facilities were built and designed by Eddie Bernard; a.k.a "Wet Dog Glass", He and his team installed the shop just last September.  The glass studio has many facets, including hot glass and hot casting facilities, lampworking with 10 torches from Glass Torch Technologies, a beautiful, complete cold shop (including two lathes), and a cold casting, fusing, and stained glass studio.

In the hot shop we melt Gaffer pellitized batch (co-efficient 96) in a freestanding pot tank that holds 500+ pounds of glass. (Our fusing studio is also a system 96 studio. we will be running many workshops that employ multiple techniques to utilize the ever expanding potential of glass).   There are four workstations available to rent in the hot glass studio, with the largest glory hole having a 24-inch width opening, and the smallest measuring 16 inches.

The GoggleWorks art center has an amazingly diverse base of studios, including a complete wood shop, jewelry studio, and ceramics studio with a brand new Bailey gas kiln, 11 pottery wheels, slip casting equipment and a raw materials lab.  We offer dark room access for photography, and in digital media we will be offering access to a Mac lab (still being completed), for prints, photography and motion pictures...  

In addition to classes and public access to these shops, The GoggleWorks also offers individual studio space to 34 artists in varying media, office space to 25 arts organizations, and 5 art galleries.   

The GoggleWorks State of the art Facility’s have the potential to be a national draw for artists in all media, but Pennsylvania has been known for outstanding glass art for quite some time.   We are excited to contribute to, and be a resource for the inspiring local glass community, by expanding the variety of Artists, shows and workshop opportunities available.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions about how to become involved with the GoggleWorks studio.  We welcome the opportunity to majorly contribute to this already diverse community.

Penelope Rakov

prakov at goggleworks.org
610.374.4600 ex 129

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