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Tue Jun 27 16:59:59 EDT 2006

My name is Jeff Vanaman, I am the founder of a mobile group of glassblowers from Wheaton village, all volunteers, and have been on the road for 25 years doing shows and festivals. I've retired from my day job and have put up a new 40x40 building. Doug Ohm has recently finished all my equipment with exception of the furnace. I will have a decent floor plan and will be teaching beginners the basics of glassblowing. I plan on opening sometime in the fall. I am in Clayton NJ, next little town south of Glassboro. The name is planned to be The New Fislerville Glassworks. There has been glassblowing in clayton continuously for over 200 years. The last company , Clevenger Bros . closed their doors a few years ago. I hope to revive the tradition here. I have invested a lot of resources in the venture, would be nice to start to see the fruition of the efforts. This Email is an FYI. 
Jeff vanaman
792 w clayton ave
clayton NJ 08312
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