[PA-NJ Glassblowers] East Falls Glassworks Open House

Jon Goldberg (East Falls Glassworks) jon at eastfallsglass.com
Fri Jun 30 17:59:46 EDT 2006

(I apologize if this is a duplicate; I'm not sure I sent it to the PA-NJ 
list the first time around...  -Jon)

East Falls Glassworks
3510 Scotts Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19129


East Falls Glassworks will be holding its monthly open house this coming 
Saturday, July 1.  This one will be a bit different from our normal open 
houses.  We have, visiting from Murano, Maestro Elio Quarisa teaching a 
class at the studio.  For the open house, all are welcome to watch 
Elio's demos (from 9:00AM till noon) and then the students working on 
their projects (from 1:00PM till 9:00PM).  Elio will be supervising and 
assisting the students from 1:00PM till around 5:00PM.

We have been working on the East Falls Glassworks web site 
(http://www.eastfallsglass.com).  We've added a glassblowing message 
board, some step-by-step glassblowing demos and an illustrated glossary. 
Any feedback you can send on our website is appreciated; we are trying 
to create an online resource that serves the Philadelphia-area 
glassblowing community.

For July and August, we still have some class openings; let us know ASAP 
if you'd like to sign up for any of the following...
Glass Casting Workshop, starting Sunday, July 9
Introductory Glassblowing I, starting Saturday, July 15 or Thursday, 
August 10
Introductory Glassblowing II, starting Tuesday, August 12

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