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East Falls Glassworks
3510 Scotts Lane
Philadelphia, Pa. 19129
(215) 908-7924

* Winter Festival - Save the Date: December 2nd *
On December 2nd, Sherman Mills is holding the first annual Winter 
Festival.  East Falls Glassworks will be participating along with 
more than 20 other Sherman Mills artists.  There will be lots of 
crafts for sale, just in time for the holiday season, including 
our glasswork.  Other participating artists will be selling fused 
glass, stained glass, ceramics, handwoven goods, paintings and 

You can spend the cold December day at Sherman Mills, heating up
with some hot chocolate, hot cider and hot glass! 

Local glassblowers can visit dressed to blow glass, participate in
the demonstrations and make a piece or two of your own (for free).

The studio's resident glass artists have been hard at work for the
past month creating a special line of work just for the holiday 
season.  We have work for sale starting under $20, and perfect for
the holidays.

* 2007 - Open House Date Changes *
Starting with the open house on January 13th, East Falls 
Glassworks will be holding our Open House/Community Day on the 
second Saturday of each month.

* Expanded Class Offerings *
We have posted new classes on the classes page 
( http://www.eastfallsglass.com/classes.php? ) 
on our web site.  Along with the normal 4 week Introductory I and 
II classes, we are offering several more involved classes.  

* Casting Workshop *
There is an 8 week Casting Workshop on Sunday afternoons, starting
mid-January.  This class will explore methods of casting into 
sand, plaster, graphite and possibly other media. 8 weeks allows 
these techniques to be covered in-depth.  

Glassblowing skills are not required, but glassblowers will 
benefit from the class as well.

* In-Depth Color Techniques *
Also starting in January is a Saturday morning 8 week class on 
Advanced Color Techniques. This class will explore many 
different techniques, including color overlays, french crackle, 
optic twists, basic and advanced cane work, incalmo and others 
based on the interest of the students. 

* Venetian Workshop with Maestro Elio Quarisa *
This is a unique opportunity to take a class with a Muranese Primo 
Maestro. Elio started working at Barovier & Toso in Murano in 
1949. Since, he's collaborated with many of the great designers 
and worked at a number of the top furnaces. 

Find more information about the class here - 
http://www.eastfallsglass.com/elioreturns.php .

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