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Jon Goldberg jon at eastfallsglass.com
Mon Apr 23 19:37:19 EDT 2007

East Falls Glassworks
3510 Scotts Lane
Philadelphia, Pa. 19129
(215) 908-7924

2007 Spring Update
As the weather warms up, the activity at East Falls Glassworks is 
heating up as well. The fans are being brought up from the 
basement and the studio is getting ready for a fun (and busy) 
spring and summer.

May 12th - Open House / Phil-n-George Benefit Auction
May 12th will be a great day to visit us at the studio. 
In addition to our open house, there are lots of other events 
going on at the complex that you can enjoy. There are activities 
planned from noon till 10:00PM.

 * Phil-n-George Benefit Auction: Phil Vinson and George-Ann Greth
are members of the Philadelphia glass community and have helped us
at East Falls Glassworks many times. Earlier this year, all their
glassblowing tools were stolen out of their car. I'm sure that all
glassblowers out there appreciate how damaging this can be; many
of the tools are irreplaceable. To help them rebuild their
collection, we are hosting an auction with 100% of the proceeds 
going into a tool replacement fund for Phil and George. The
auction will begin around 7:00PM and should finish before 10:00PM. 
Any artists who would like to donate work for the auction are 
encouraged to contact us to make arrangements, every little bit 

* Demos - Inside and Out: If the weather cooperates, we will have
live glassblowing demonstrations both inside the studio and 
outside. Demos will start around noon and wrap-up around 7:00PM. 
All visiting glassblowers are welcome to participate in the 

* Open Studios: We are a part of a large community of artists at
Sherman Mills. Many artists in the complex will be opening their
studios to the public on May 12th. It is a great opportunity to
meet very talented artists and craftspeople in their workspaces.

* Schuylkill Gallery Show: Our next-door neighbor, the Schuylkill 
Gallery is hosting their Textures show. If you would like to 
attend a demonstration of encaustic painting by Karen Freedman at
noon, please contact the Schuylkill Gallery directly. The 
Schuylkill Gallery will be open from noon till 5:00PM.

* Seconds Sale: A table will be set up with lots of East Falls 
Glassworks glass art at 'bargain basement' prices. These are 
one-of-a-kinds and items with small flaws.

May 6th - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
We are not allowed to tell any details, but all glass (and EFG) 
enthusiasts will enjoy the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 
scheduled to air May 6th. This show was shot in Levittown, PA and 
featured a makeover of the Kilgallon house. We have worked with 
EMHE in the past and were really excited to get the opportunity to 
help out for this episode. ABC's programming schedule is subject 
to change, so check your local listings.

Class Update
Classes through August have been posted on the website. Following 
are some highlights and recent class changes.
* Saturday Morning Intermediate: We have an 8-week Intermediate 
class starting on May 5th. The class runs from 9:00AM through 
noon, and will cover techniques of interest to the students. Jon
Goldberg will be teaching.

* Monday Evening Intro II: For students who are comfortable with 
the material covered in the Intro I class, this 4 week class is 
the next step. The Monday evening class is scheduled to start May 
7th and runs from 7:00PM to 10:00PM.

* Sunday Afternoon Fun With Glass: Starting Sunday, May 6th, we 
will host a special 4 week Fun With Glass. This class will meet 
from 1:00PM to 4:00PM and will cover many 'nontraditional' ways of
working with glass. The class will benefit both beginners and 
students with experience. The class will cover sand casting, 
incorporating copper into blown glass, solid glass sculpture and 
other cool techniques.  Owen Pach will be teaching.

June - Sherman Mills Group Show
On, June 2nd, a group show opens at Sherman Mills (the complex 
where we located). More information about the event will be posted 
on the Sherman Mills Arts Council web site. East Falls Glassworks 
encourages our renters, students or teachers to submit work for 
this show. This is the second year of the show; the inaugural 
event was a huge success. Please contact us for submission 

Special Commission Work
Owen Pach, studio director at East Falls Glassworks, has been 
invited to create two very special award commissions. Being 
selected to create these awards is itself an honor, and 
recognition of Owen's unique vision and stature as a glass artist.

* Florida Gulf Coast Museum: The Florida Gulf Coast Museum 
commissioned an inaugural award to honor the dedication and 
accomplishments of a long term board member. Owen has two pieces 
at this museum and the recipient of the award began her glass 
collection with one his pieces.

* Northern Home for Children: Owen was asked to create a special 
sculpture as an award for the "Partnerships for the Children 
Awards Dinner" held by the Northern Home organization. Northern 
Home provides services and support to children and families facing 
extraordinary challenges. Owen created a beautiful symbolic 
sculpture that features the representation of an child looking up 
to an adult for help.

We Need Your Help - Spread the Word
East Falls Glassworks depends on referrals for most of our 
business. Tell your friends about us; link to us from your 
website. Spread the word!

Thanks, hope to see you all this spring and summer.
 -  Jon and Owen 

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