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Jon Goldberg (East Falls Glassworks) jon at eastfallsglass.com
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East Falls Glassworks    
September 2008 Update     
East Falls Glassworks [http://www.eastfallsglass.com]

3510 Scotts Lane
Philadelphia, Pa. 19129
(215) 908-7924                

Good day fellow glass artists & enthusiasts!

After our scheduled August shut down, things are ready to rock &
roll here at East Falls. We have been working very hard over the
last few weeks to tweek and improve the studio.

East Falls Glassworks is New and Improved 

The most obvious
improvement is the beautiful shiny new (800+ lbs) furnace. Its
been heating up for the past week and yesterday was filled for
the first time with fresh glass. The other major piece of new
equipment is a huge annealer, we challenge any glass artist to
try to fill this one in a day. Interior dimensions are 50" wide,
33.5" high and 33.5" deep.

Besides the new furnace and annealer, there are many other
improvements throughout the shop: We've build an additional
small glory hole, same size as the other small ones. The medium
glory hole has been rebuilt, increasing the size slightly, but
designed to operate more efficiently. The ventilation system has
been improved; leaks have been sealed, and there are now
extensions over the glory holes to capture excess heat.

Our capacity has increased - which means there is more rental
time available. There is now rental availability on weekends.
Saturday afternoon and evenings are now (typically) available,
and there are rental options on Sunday throughout the day. Our
additional capacity allows us to co-schedule rentals and classes
/experiences. Give us a call and come blow some glass.

Special thanks to all the members of the community who have
helped with the rebuild.

Class Update
We also have an exciting class line up - there is
still room available for Zach Puchowitz's 8-week Goblet class
which starts Saturday, September 20th from 10AM to 1PM. Other
offerings this month including Exploration of the Vessel with
Brian Regan, Photo Resist Workshop with Guy Kass and Intro with
Jackie Mendelson.

October brings us the 2 hour Pumpkin Workshops with George-ann
Greth, Mold blowing with George-ann Greth & Phil Vinson, Mr.
Potato Head Workshop, Intro to Glassblowing, & Glassblowing II.

Check out the classes page on the www.eastfallsglass.com website
for more details or
to register for a class. We've added a lot of options in the
fall for both experienced glassblowers and for folks who want to
try working with glass for the first time.

Events and Networking
We have installed a cork board in the
studio dedicated to networking. There are always folks looking
for partners. Take a look next time you visit.

On the Internet side of things, there is now an "East Falls
Glassworks Community" group on Linked-In. Anyone is welcome to
join the group. This has the potential to be a great way for
the community to stay connected.

The big upcoming event is "POST - Philadelphia Open Studio Tours"
on Oct. 4th & 5th. We will be open from 10AM till 7:00. There
are many artists from Sherman Mills participating in this event
and its probably the best time of the year to visit the complex
and see all the cool work that is made here.

It will be an exciting autumn. There are many exciting events
planned for the rest of the year and for next year, we will send
along the details once they are finalized.

We'll see you in the studio!

-  The East Falls Glassworks Crew

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