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*artistsforartists.com <http://artistsforartists.com/> *is 
Philadelphia-based, and I'm happy to send the information below for Brad...

and anyway, how many Press Releases do you see that mention *Jimi Hendrix*?

*Tony Patti
gaffer at glassblower.info*


*Finally, A New Website For Artists That Makes Cents*

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (August 12, 2009) -- Two artists in the midst 
of their careers were tired of being unrecognized and decided to make a 
change in the creative industry. On one hand a creative director reaches 
for his camera and sketchpad while the other a musician and software 
engineer reaches for his keyboard. Although different in process, the 
two shared a vision for the future of online selling for artists and 
crafters. "The website allows artists of all mediums to display and sell 
their work free of charge, no strings attached" said Jason Hirsch, 
co-founder of ArtistsForArtists.  "It literally takes 30 minutes to 
build a profile and begin selling items. Consider it your own web 
gallery with e-commerce capabilities, but it's free."  As one peers into 
the inner pages of this new website conveniently named 
*artistsforartists.com* <http://artistsforartists.com/> we notice many 
areas of familiarity, and we like it.

The website is a combination of our favorite social networking, 
e-commerce, classified and blogging tools found on the web and delivers 
them in a niche space for us all to enjoy. The events directory gives 
users a heads up on cool relevant places to go in the upcoming months 
while also giving them the ability to add their own events to the list.  
The social networking tools allow users to link products and areas of 
interest to most of our favorite sites including Facebook and 
StumbleUpon. The website also has hundreds of videos to teach users a 
variety of art techniques. "I learned how to play chords used by Jimi 
Hendrix yesterday on ArtistsForArtists! Now that's pretty cool," said 
Brad Grossman, co-founder of ArtistsForArtists.

Artists are influenced everywhere they go, and this is no diversion. 
This team has taken the best of the web and provided it to us in this 
robust environment. Between the free galleries, free e-commerce and the 
educational tools; we're very excited to see the future of this new 
website. Grossman makes a very relevant point, "Considering the economy 
and the lack of jobs, this may be a great time for artists and friends 
to get their wares online, reduce their cost of selling, and increase 
their bottoms lines."

Consider artists and crafters in your circle as great candidates to use 
this website as a conduit to displaying and selling some of their work. 
Anyone can join. And clearly we see the benefit. Here are some 
categories currently displayed on the site, however Hirsch and Grossman 
insist you continue to provide feedback and new categories to add to it: 
Painters, Photographers, Glass Blowers, Sewers, Animators, Musicians, 
Bag Makers, Clothing, Jewelry, Ceramics, Wood, Illustration, Filmmakers 
and Designers.

Brad Grossman, Media Relations
brad at artistsforartists.com
(856) 772 2882

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