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East Falls Glassworks    Welcome to 2009     East Falls
Glassworks [http://www.eastfallsglass.com]

3510 Scotts Lane
Philadelphia, Pa. 19129
(215) 908-7924                

East Falls Glassworks New Year's Update - 2009 
First I'd like to wish everyone in the East Falls
Glassworks community a very happy New Year. The New Year holiday
provides the opportunity to recognize the best parts of the
previous year and contemplate the positive changes the new year

2008 Year in Review
It is a testament to the strength and
enthusiasm of the community; despite the economic turmoil of a
very difficult year, East Falls Glassworks had its busiest and
most exciting year ever. Many thanks to the East Falls
Glassworks staff and instructors who made 2008 such a success.

This summer we doubled our capacity with a new furnace and
annealer. I'm happy to report that the size of the new furnace 
(~850 LBS) seems just about perfect; we are now melting glass 
only once per week, freeing up lots of additional time for 
renters and classes.

Things are getting even better; in 2009 we have plans to further
improve the facility, including some new and upgraded 
cold-working equipment.

2009 Events and Classes 
Open Houses:
Mark your calendar, our next two open houses are February 14th
and April 11th from 1:00PM - 7:00PM. This is a chance to: Watch
amazing glassblowing demonstrations. Of course any glassblowers
are welcome to participate (blow glass for FREE!!!). Check out
the work in our gallery - showcasing many local glass artists.
Walk around the complex - many of the 40+ Sherman Mills artists
will open their studio for the day. Buy one-of-a-kind bargains
from our seconds table.

Winter and spring classes are posted on the  website
[http://www.eastfallsglass.com/classes.php]. We've broadened our
class choices and have offerings for both beginners and
experienced glassblowers. Any suggestions for classes or
specific techniques to cover are welcome. If we use your idea
you'll get a free East Falls Glassworks t-shirt!

Look for special experience day/workshops this spring. We are
planning Valentine's Day experiences - make hearts with (or for)
your loved one. In March, when the flower show comes to town, we
will have special flower-making experiences. We'll send along
more details as they become available; feel free to drop an
email if you'd like to be first on the list.

Contemporary Glass Philadelphia - Call for Volunteers
Contemporary Glass Philadelphia (CGP) is a non-profit
organization that serves the Philadelphia glass community by
providing grants to glass artists and sponsoring events that
foster relationships between glass collectors and artists. The
Philadelphia artistic glass community is strong today in part
because of the estimated $100,000 in grant money that has been
handed out by CGP over the years.

An auction/fundraiser is being planned for early May at East
Falls Glassworks/Sherman Mills. All proceeds from the event are
going directly to CGP and will help CGP continue in its mission
to serve the glass community. There are many ways that you can
help: Attend the event - we'll send out more information once
the specifics are finalized. Donate a piece - again we'll send
out information when its available. Event planning/coordination
- There is a lot of work in planning and executing a great event.
Please contact me ( [jon at eastfallsglass.com]) if you can help.
It is an opportunity to get involved with a great organization.

Continue Spreading the Word! 
East Falls Glassworks depends on
referrals for most of our business. If you had a good time here,
spread the word - tell your friends, link from your blog, help
us build the community.

-  Jon Goldberg and The East Falls Glassworks Crew

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