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Glassblowing Stamps

You have just *got* to take a look at the website that Richard Samuel (using the amusing email address of has created to show every known postal stamp, throughout the world, of glassblowing and glassblowers!! He also has a very interesting slideshow of these stamps, which you can run through manually, or at timed intervals (5, 10, or 15 seconds). His website shows no less than 30 postal stamps:
  1. Bosnia-Herzegovina - 2000: four glassblowers in front of furnaces
  2. Canada - 1999: Jacks being used to open the lip of a red art-glass piece
  3. Denmark - 1976: Picture of a Gaffer at the Glassblowing Bench, with an assistant nearby
  4. Denmark -1976: A different picture of a Gaffer at the Glassblowing Bench, with an assistant nearby
  5. Denmark - 1976: The assistant is helping the Gaffer put a "Swedish Foot" onto a piece, at the Bench
  6. Denmark - 1976: The Gaffer is blowing into a mold, and the assistant is there to open the mold
  7. Dominica - 2000: A clear footed goblet is shown on a multi-color background
  8. Finland - 1981: Silhouettes of four glassblowers against a large green glass bottle background
  9. Guyana - 1995: Disney (c) Cartoon of Glassblower and Bubblegum blower!
  10. Hungary - 1978: Example (and close-up) of Cut Crystal vase, with a blowpipe in the background
  11. Italy - 1984: Glass Mosaic on the left side, with five pipes/punties warming up in the glassblowing furnace
  12. Italy - 1984: A Glassblower is standing up at the marver, with a decorated glass pitcher and four glasses
  13. Lebanon - 1973: A Glassblower is working on a piece, with two tall pieces shown on the right side
  14. Poland - 1975: A Glassblower is shown blowing into a piece, with the furnace building in the background
  15. Portugal - 1998: 250 Years of Glass Industry (?)
  16. Portugal - 1998: An unusual glass object in the foreground, and a glassblower in the background
  17. Portugal - 1998: The production of glass bottles (three black bottles are shown in the foreground)
  18. Portugal - 1998: Glassblower working with hot glass at the bench is shown with luminous blue glass lights
  19. Spain - 1988: Hot Glass on a punty is being pulled with tongs
  20. Spain - 1988: Sparkling Reflective glass (cullet?) is shown in a small pile
  21. Spain - 1988: Hot Glass is shown at the end of a blowpipe, in a spherical shape
  22. Sweden - 1972: Booklet Cover (not a stamp) showing glassblowing tools (jacks, shears, wood block, wood mold, blowpipe, finished goblet)
  23. Sweden - 1972: Glassblower shown at the bench blowing into a brightly glowing bubble of hot glass
  24. Sweden - 1972: Glassblowers shown actively working blowing and gathering glass
  25. Sweden - 1972: Gaffer shown applying a lip-wrap to a piece, by guiding the punty with diamond shears
  26. Sweden - 1972: Gaffer is using jacks to create an elongated neck and flared lip on a glass piece at the bench
  27. Sweden - 1972: Engraver is holding a glass vase with both hands onto the engraving wheel
  28. Sweden - 1989: Stylized image of a blowpipe and glass sphere rolling on the arm of a glassblowing bench
  29. Syria - 1970: Seated Glassblower shown blowing into a piece, with several tall glass vases in the background
  30. USA - 1972: Colonial American glassblower blowing into a small sphere at a wood glassblowing bench

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