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is provided as a free resource for the world-wide-web.

This website is oriented especially towards the beginner to intermediate glass student, but keep in mind that making glass art is inherently a dangerous activity, because of the nature of glass - both cold and hot - and the tools and equipment, and extreme personal injury and/or death is possible from accidents.

This website can at best provide some general advice, based on some personal observations, but all information should be reviewed by qualified personnel before utilization.

No responsibility can be assumed for use or misuse of any information contained within, or omitted from, this website.

Some information on this website has been provided by others, and can not take responsibility for the information and opinions of others.

The Super-Search functionality of in particular has been provided for free as a result of a combination of publicly available information (such as corporation names, addresses, and phone numbers) and information provided by others, including studio owners who should have a vested information in providing accurate information and opinions about their facilities, but no responsibility can be taken by for information provided, or not provided, by any parties.

The software on this website is in a BETA (test) status, and as such provided on a FREEE AS-IS basis, without any guarantees or warranties, or any type or nature, expressed or implied.

By using this free website, you agree that there may be inaccuracies, possibly of a material basis, and should you chose to pursue any legal action, under any legal theory, you agree to binding arbitration to be paid for by you, as well as your payment of my legal and travel expenses, and to limit a possible legal award to ten times what you directly paid to me for the use of this website.

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