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Glassblower.Info Super-Search Tips

Background A Super-Search is composed of up to three sets of criteria:
  1. Geographical Search Criteria
    Many existing online resources are often oriented only by State and don't take into account that some states are really large, and what is really needed is a distance radius (much like ebay uses to localize searches).

    As such, in the first "row" of the search criteria, you have three fundamental options:

    Implementation Details:

  2. If desired, you can narrow your search, to fine-tune the returned results to your specific needs, by selecting one or more of the following 21 yes-no check-box options:
  3. If desired, you can also specify up to 7 numeric criteria concerning the amount/capacity of equipment in each facility:
As a more specific example, let's say you specify zip 19114 and a radius of 20 miles, and you get 6 results returned.
If you now specify that you only want Hot Shops, the result may decrease to 3, removing, for example, three lampworking studios.

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