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Glassblowing Color Rod Organizer

I'm trying to get and stay organized!

I know a lot of people say that, but here is one of the best AND VERY INEXPENSIVE $3.49
ways of keeping your glassblowing color rods organized for your bench time...

Whether you've got a big chunk of color rod, or a bunch of small pieces, the removable dividers allow you to keep each color separate.

A lot of student glassblowers will put their color into the tool box,
and I've done that for a long time, but always had trouble finding the color i needed,
(why does the color I need always want to hide in the bottom of the tool box?)
and I ended up carrying a lot of extra pieces (weight) just to make sure I would have the color I needed,
especially if the Glass Gods did something unexpected (with gravity etc).

Here is a photo of the organizer closed.
You can see that the clear (translucent) top makes it easy even when closed to see what color is where,
and this would be especially helpful if you purchased several of these (as I did),
and you wanted quickly to find "red" or "blue" or whatever color you needed...

The Home Depot (hardware store) sells the above 23-compartment "small parts" organizer for only $3.49 each!
Unfortunately, I can NOT find this item for sale on their website but here are all the details, if you visit one of their stores:

 WorkForce (tm)
 2455 Paces Ferry Road NW
 Atlanta, GA  30339

 UPC Code: 8-20583-00110-8
 (the UPC label also says "14014 Clear")

 Product Description on Sales Receipt: 14" Organizer 

 Size: 14" Wide x 9" Deep x 1-7/8" Tall
       (35.7 cm Wide x 22.9 cm Deep x 4.8 cm Tall)

 Compartments: 23
 Removable Dividers: 17

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