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Glassblowing Tool Boxes (Glassblower Tool Bags)

Photograph Description Skitch's Glassblowing Toolbox Skitch's Tool Box inspired me to make my own glassblowing tool boxes (below).
Skitch used a rectangular guitar case.
The photo below is on top of lockers at East Falls Glassworks, to give a different perspective:
Skitch Glassblowing Tool Box with Glassblower Tools
Tony Patti Glassblowing Toolbox November 13 2011 Tony Patti (new) Tool Box.

I did a LOT of searching on ebay, for the perfect tool box to carry my glassblowing tools. I looked at rifle cases, guitar cases, and tool boxes. One of my concerns was the weight of the case and the tools, and I realized that I might as well get a case with wheels, and I found the perfect case, by seaching for ATA (Air Transport Association) shipping cases on ebay.

I needed a long and narrow case, but wider than the typical rifle case or guitar case (which may be 12" or less wide). I found that "keyboard cases" had the dimensions I was looking for, and the SKB 4214W (the "W" means it has wheels) was the right size.

According to Google's Shopping website, these sell new for around $300 (plus shipping), but on ebay you may be able to find one pre-owned in the $99 - $125 range.

Although they spec this case to have an interior of 42" long by 14" deep, that is with the standard foam installed to protect a keyboard. If you remove this foam, you have a case which is actually 44" long and 16" deep. In terms of symmetry of the two halves, some cases had essentially identical halves, but other cases had a relatively thinner lid section. The SKB 4214W is one of those cases where the top and bottom halves are the same size, and both accomodate not less than 2 inches of foam.

My first attempt with pink foam (see below) from Home Depot did not work out very well,
and in researching what real tool boxes use to cushion their tools, I narrowed my search down to Polyethylene which is a closed-cell foam which will not absorb water, and is easy to clean. I found a local foam supplier (L & R Shipping Supply) who would cut me the 44" x 16" x 2" PE foam I needed.

Bottom Half:
  • Cutting Edge Large Combo Diamond Shears
  • Cutting Edge Duck Bill Shears
  • Cutting Edge Tweezers
  • Pi Dividers
  • Outside Calipers (good for measuring and also Witches Balls)
  • Flat Jacks
  • Round Jacks
  • AUR-99 Safety Glasses (inside blue eyeglass case)
  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Awl
  • Ferritti
  • File
  • Feathering Tool
  • Short punty rod with hex-end for use in drill for twisting cane
Top Half:
  • Funnel for putting frit or powder into containers
  • custom soffieta with delrin mouthpiece (fits a Steiner blowhose)
  • Large graphite paddle
  • Medium graphite paddle (behind first aid kit and red oil can for water)
  • tile nippers (for cutting cane)
  • Copa (tool for shaping wraps)
  • Graphite Round Rod
  • Blowhose (in plastic case, along with beeswax)
  • Taping knife (large rectangular metal drywall tool with wood handle)
  • Clear plastic bottle to hold water for keeping newspaper pad wet
  • Aloe Burn Gel
  • Hand Sanitizer

Tony Patti Glassblowing Tool Box with Glassblower Tools Tony Patti (old) Tool Box

This was built into a single rifle case. Includes:

  • Eyeglass case with AUR-99 safety lenses (themost important tool in the entire case!)
  • two Putsch Jacks
  • Cutting Edge Large Combo Diamond Shears (my duck bill's are on order)
  • Pi Dividers (for rolling up cane)
  • two graphit paddles (both home made) -- the longer one in the bottom half of the photo is 13" long
  • 0.5" graphite rod with handle (hand made)
  • calipers (for witches balls)
  • Steinert blow hose (in zip lock bag)
  • Assortment of small hand tools (long needlenose pliars, ice pick, raking tool, etc.)
  • and of course a first aid kit with burn gel (Ed Schmid's book says you will get burned...
Although you may not be able to tell from the photo, each tool is cut into one or two layers of Polystyrene foam ($6.36 at Home Depot). More specifically, for most tools, the outline of the tool was cut into only the top layer, which was then glued to the bottom layer. For my tool box, two 3/4" thick sheets worked perfectly (laminated together). - Glassblowing Tool Boxes - Jamestown Off-site Toolbox This toolbox is owned by one of the glassblowers who works at the
US National Park Service - Jamestown Glasshouse,
specifically at their off-site facility.

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