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What Others Wrote (Testimonials E-Mailed)

   Hi Tony,

   It was nice to hear from you, I enjoyed all of the pictures.

   It is always very pleasant to remember places where I did workshops.

   I'll be teaching Winter 2007 in Corning, if you know of a studio or school   
   who may be interested in a workshop, please mention my name.

   Thank you,
   Maestro Elio Quarisa


   Subject: Thanks for your site!!

   My name is Marlietta.  I have had glass blowing lessons at several studios 
   but mainly at Pratt fine art center in Seattle Wa.  Any way, I want to do 
   a series of blown vessels that is relatively architectural in nature and 
   looks similar to my wood work/lathe turned (I was previously a carpenter).   

   Your site gave me the information I needed to proceed.  

   Especially Mark Hall's new way of making fused cylinders. 

   I was stumped until I came across your site.  

   Combined with your dropped kiln method, and my experience with marquetry,
   these combined methods will give me the effect I am looking for to start on my journey.   
   My point, being, Thank you so much for the time and effort you have gone through 
   in putting your site together and helping us just starting out to achieve 
   our goals through information posted on your site.
   kind regards,


   What a truly Spectacular Site this is!!! Bravo!!! 

   I wish we had this 20 years ago when I was in college.   

   Thank you!

   Rebecca Zhukov
   Providence Art Glass


   I love!   
   John Choi
   Glassblowing Studio Manager
   The Banana Factory
   Bethlehem, PA


   Your site is a pleasure to visit. 

   You have done a great job with all the information that you have available.   

   Peter Greenwood
   Greenwood Glass Blowing Studio & Gallery


   Hi Tony!
   I just found your post about your fire bucket ornaments....
   WAY cool!!  I love it!
   I am (almost:-) dying to get my hands on something simular- a passion for fire:-)
   I do "blow" glass, boro & some sodalime, rods & tube, but want to use a glory hole.   
   I really appreciate your tutorial- it was very informative & the pix were super!  
   I have Glassblowers bible, etc., but your color pix are awesome!
   Anyway-  thanks!!!
   Tammy Rhoades


   Dude, you are totally creative and awesome.  Thanks for the eye opening
   information about glassblowing without the full furnace/gloryhole/annealer setup!   



   GREAT Website! 

   I'm sure I'll be returning to it, the abundance of resources in one place is impressive.   

   Odette Perreault


   I have been to your web site may times, its very resourceful.   
   Jeannine Sigafoos
   Tacoma Glassblowing Studio


   www.Glassblower.Info is a comprehensive resource for   
   glass artists because of the frequent updates.  

   Thanks for linking us all together!

   Katie Creyts



   I really enjoyed your web site. 

   The photos of your work is fabulous!   

   The photos & videos section is well done. 

   Thanks for all your hard work on this site.

   Linda Storione


   I love your glass work!   

   Brenda Morgan


   I keep coming back to this site and finding new things.     
   An excellent resource!  Thanks for putting it together.

   -- Doug Hardy


   Love the site, keep up the good work!   

   -- Lucas



   You have an AWESOME site -- Thanks so much!   

   I just can't thank you enough -- what a gift you've given to the glass world! 

   Penny Rakov



   Super-Search is awesome! 

   Thanks so much for your computer savy. 

   I'll email my friends and tell them to check your site out!   

   Deb DiMarco
   Blueheart Glass


   I just had the delight of examining your page on blowing ornaments with
   a fire bucket.  It was such a treat.  Thank you for going through the
   time and effort to put the page up.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!


   I am a BA design student in the UK and have recently been set a brief to design a glass. 
   I found across your wonderful site through a link from Wikipedia and
   I've enjoyed exchanging emails with you about my goblet design.
   - Adam


   Thanx for all the wonderful info posted over the years!

   -- Glazmon Earl"E"


   The firebucket ornaments are hot! Thanks for the info, and have a good holiday.
   Tim Cragg


    "Your site is really interesting! I love it!"   

    -- Allie Dorn (RIT Student)


   I have read and frequented many, many hotglass sites on the internet 
   and none have been so helpful to me as this one.  

   A vast array of answers are immediately available as well as 
   IMMEDIATE email responses to questions.  

   This website is an invaluable glassworker's tool.
   Jampwork Lycos


   First of all, that firebucket ornament making is a great page! 
   Lots of good info, but also some interesting ideas for doing 
   your own stuff with stuff around the home.  
   Cheese grater marver for holding cane?  awesome!  
   I was wondering if you could give me more information on the ornament tops you used.  
   When i learned to make these in school we always did a glass bit into a loop.  
   I like the fire polish and "real" top idea a lot better.  
   Are  they something you can pick up at a craft store?  
   Are they tension held or did you epoxy them?  
   Any additional details would be appreciated.  
   Thanks, and nice job on the site! 
   -Ray MacLaren


   Great website!

   It's always wonderful to see those who share my passion 
   for educating the public about off-hand glass.

   Glass blowing, to me, is a form of dance.

   You need ryhthm, control and passion to be graceful and confident in your steps.   

   Jeremie Draper      


   Hi Tony,
   Your website rocks! 

   My Artist in Residence alerted me to it last spring and I've used it    
   for reference while setting up our hotshop at the Mesa Arts Center. 


   Laurie Nessel
   Lead Instructor
   Glass Studio
   Mesa Arts Center


   You have a wonderful website.   

   Your pages are very informative and well done.

   I visit there quite often.       

   It's a fun place to acquire glass related information.   

   Jay Holden
   Glass Formations


   To: Tony Patti

   From: Ed Christianson

   Subject: A welcome addition to the web !!! 

   I have been looking for movies/videos on glassblowing for a while...   

   Glassblower.Info is great! 

   It really helps to see techniques in action.



   We are management students of the University of Malta and are doing 
   research on glassblowing production. Your site is really great and very helpful!   

   Thanks, your information has helped us a lot -- especially the explanations of 
   various terms and techniques (because glassworkers often do things but can not 
   explain what they are doing!)
   Best regards,
   Lyuba and the rest of the team


   I visited your site, and I got unbelivable knowledge from your site   
   I never heard which I seen at your site.
   I am eager to know more about glassblowing & etching technology. 
   I am a students of Glassblowing Trade in india.
   Thanking  you,
   Mahesh patel
   Star Scientific Glass Company


   Dear Tony,

   I am writing from the Providence Art Club, a non-profit arts collaborative
   in Providence, Rhode Island. We are hosting a glass and photography juried
   exhibition, sponsored by Fidelity Investments this March.  While looking
   for images of people blowing glass for the call for artists, we were pleased   
   to find so many great pictures on What a wonderful
   resource for the glass community and for those of us interested in the
   artists and process. We are  using an image from the following page: A picture of Guest   
   Glass Artist Angus Powers at BCCC Glass Arts Society March 19, 2003, will be   
   featured on our call for artists,  available on our website:

   We encourage all New England glass artists to enter and look forward to
   seeing your work,

   For more information please check or email


   Sarah Powers
   Director of the Galleries
   Providence Art Club


   Dear Tony,

   Just want to thank you for such an incredible resource. 

   Thanks for all your hard work putting this site together.

   I am a retired educator after 30 years of teaching elementary schools and also as an administrator 
   in charge of all the technology in our school district. I have just fallen in love with glass blowing!
   I have some glass in my DNA, my greatgrandfather and his brother were in the glass business, 
   H. C. Fry Glass Co. and with Morgantown Glass. They were in the glass business at the turn of the 
   century on into the 30's.

   I just love working with hot glass and blowing and creating glass and playing with colors.

   Your site has been a wealth of information!

   Jim Fry 



   You've created a rockin' website!   

   George Chen


   I am going to be taking a glassblowing class. 

   I have tried to do a little research to get an idea of what to expect. 

   After reading about fire bucket ornaments... I at least have an idea...   



   Really enjoyed your website!  

   Your work is exquisite!

   Pip Cossette
   Two Lasses Glass Classes, Inc. 



   I am very new to glass blowing and am quickly becoming fascinated--   
   I love how you can do this in your garage
   and am very impressed with your ingenuity.

   Back to perusing the website!
   in admiration,





Bob, the answer is National Artcraft Co.'s Ornament Caps - Tony Patti

   Hi, My name is Missy.  I like your video.
   I am new to the glass blowing world and have just learned how to make ornaments.
   I have done them a little differently but I love being able to see youor step by step method of glass blowing.
   Thank you for helping to teach the newcomers!

   Missy Smitheal



   Hi -

   I'm Oz.  We meet at Jeff Vanaman's New Fislerville Glass Studio in Clayton NJ on Saturday.  

   I was very impressed by your skill, knowledge & explaination of the entire glassblowing process.  

   You made it look so smooth.  I hope to one day get to a fraction of your accomplishments.
   I was perusing your tool box.  
   You made a padder which looked like thin slab of graphite w/a paint brush handle attached wth a hose clap.   
   What a wonderful tool.  
   Where did you get the graphite from?  What are the overall dimensions?
   I appreciate any assistance you can provide me.  Take care.


Oz, you are quite observant, my graphite paddle is a slab of graphite I purchased on ebay,
and used a paint-brush wood handle, and a hose clamp from Home Depot.
This hose clamp trick I learned from another glassblower, Joel Bless.
This tool has served me very well for multiple years,
and I have a spare piece of graphite in my garage just in case this one breaks,
but its fallen on the floor a number of times, and it has survived well.
You can find quite a bit of graphite on ebay, and my paddle is 8" long x 4" wide x half an inch thick.
With so many glassblowing tools being expensive (for example diamond shears),
I think it's nice to save money whenever you can...
p.s. I like the hose clamp - paint brush handle a lot -- I call it an "offset handle"
(not in the same plane as the graphite) and it seems to work well,
as it moves your hand a bit further away from the hot glass...
- Tony Patti


   I thought is fantastic and very inspiring!  
   My wife and I have recently gotten into glass blowing and we've already "got the bug".  
   I've been trying to figure out an inexpensive (relatively speaking) 
   way to work out of our home and the way you've set up your shop would work perfectly.  
   I think we might get a larger glory hole but I love how inventive you were with the use of the marble tile and the cheese grater.  
   Where did you get your bench?  Thanks for sharing.
   Terry Kirby


Many thanks for your email.
I was lucky, and got my glassblowing bench via ebay, at a great price from a studio in NY that was closing.
Fortunately, the metal parts were shippable by UPS, and I bought a new piece of wood anyway.
The good news is that my bench is from Denver Glass Machinery
I believe their benches are among the most reasonable available anywhere, and it's plenty sturdy.
      Denver Glass Machinery
      2800 S. Shoshone St.
      Englewood, CO. 80110
      Phone 303-781-0980
      fax 303-781-9067
- Tony Patti


   Hi there!

   I'm just sending you this message because I love your site! 

   It's an awesome resource of info and very useful for what I want do with my life.

   Check out my work on at

   I'm currently in the 2nd year of the Crafts & Design program at Sheridan college in Oakville Ontario.  

   Once again your site is awesome! Keep doing what you guys do!


   Ian Milligan



   I am a student at the University of Tennessee and for one of my classes 
   I'm currently working in conjunction with the Knoxville Museum of Art 
   to put together a gallery guide for classroom teachers and parents 
   about the work of Josh Simpson.  

   I completed hours of research and your website proved to be one of the 
   most useful and comprehensive resources I found! You have some absolutely 
   beautiful and unique glassblowing photographs, and I appreciate your giving 
   permission to use your images of Josh working for the cover of my guide.

   These guides stay in the KMA and are made available (they can be "checked out") 
   to area teachers, parents, home-school groups etc. for more in-depth information 
   about the artist and exhibit.  

   Each guide contains a biography of the artist, professional time-line, 
   a breakdown of their concepts (The Big Idea), images, and a unit plan 
   which includes two art lesson plans that follow Tennessee state curriculum standards.   

   Thank you for helping make the Josh Simpson guide more dynamic!


   Elise Murphy
   University of Tennessee /  Knoxville Museum of Art


   Subject: making ornaments with a fire bucket

   Wow, this really makes me want to get into this art form.  Nice job!   

   Isabel Suárez


   You are awesome!! I can't thank you enough for the timely response. 

   I had hoped you could help me. 

   My husband has been going on for months about going to the Renaissance fair. 

   Every time it comes up, he remembers back to when he went on a field trip in 
   elementary school and his amazement at the glass blowing. 

   Lingering, to this day, on a girl who purchased a souvenir: it was a glass ball that, 
   when held in your hand, the liquid in the ball rose, based on the warmth of your hand.   

   The HAND BOILERS you found were EXACTLY what I was looking for. 

   I can't wait to be able to give my husban this gift!  

   It will be a great piece to keep on his desk at work, or in our living room 
   (out of the reach of little fingers, of course). 

   The glass blowing is truly an art form.

   Take care.

   Janet English


   I loved the instructions on how to make ornaments with a fire bucket!   
   The photos and descriptions were perfect!!
   Thanks for sharing.
   Mary W


   Thanks for your wonderful resource!   

   Jonathan Davis



   Your fire bucket ornaments web page demonstrates a great way to hone skills without having to pay the $200+/day studio fee.   

   Eric Covington



   Subject: Awesome!

   Hey..this is great!  I am going to share this with everyone at the studio. 
   Your directions are so clear and detailed! I have been wondering about those caps...



   I work at this incredible studio:
   Prodigy Glass Studio
   Oak Park, Il 60302


   It is really neat of you to take the time to share your knowledge so freely online, Thank you!!   

   - Beverly


   Thanks for making such an awesome and informative site!   

   Keep up the good work!

   Michael Mills


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